Tuesday 20 April 2021

Video collaboration with Georgina for FND Awareness Month

Georgina and I got to know each other through social media. Like me Georgina has FND - Functional Neurological Disorder, and so we teamed up together for April's FND Awareness Month.

Together we shared our experiences and journey of having FND and that challenges and positives of having this illness in our lives.

What I felt was so helpful in this video is how Georgina and ! show just how different FND can affect two people despite having similar symptoms. For example both of us have non-epileptic seizures as part of our FND but our non-epileptic seizures couldn't be any different. Mine present as a more 'classic type' seizure whereas Georgina's non-epileptic seizures are more dissociative. 

As FND affects the whole brain is can result in a wide range of symptoms as Georgina and I share. We also chat about getting our diagnosis and the different support and treatment's we've had as well as the general fluctuations of the illness both day-today and year-to-year. Georgina and I also share that challenges of having FND especially when it comes to how often our illness is misunderstood.

The video...

Clicking the video will take you to the video on YouTube. Feel free to leave any questions or comments. You'll also find CC on the YouTube video too.