Tuesday 27 April 2021

Minimal effort ways to support charities

Charities do so much for you, whether it be scientific research into new treatments or understanding illnesses better, running helplines, raising awareness of illness and advocating for patients and supporting change, sending out care parcels, donating food and toiletries to those in need and so so so much more!

Thought my time being ill different charities have supported me in lots of different ways and I try to give back in any way I can. Like for example writing articles for their magazines or partner organisations (like when I wrote an article for the nursing times on behalf of Action for M.E). Charities have also been there for me when I've needed someone to talk to or to ask for advice through their helplines. I've also received care packages like the one that I received from Smile for M.E.

As much as I would love to hold a big fundraiser the reality is I can't and many people can't but there are many other ways that you can help support charities.

Become a Member

Birds eye view of a pile of magazines with the tile Fragile Links, next to the magazines is a cup of coffee and in the top right corner of the photograph is a green plant

One of the big pieces of advice that I give to people newly diagnosed is to become a member of a charity that covers your illness. 

That you pay will help support support that charity in the work that they do. In turn your membership will give you access to help and support. For example giving you access to a community of others with the same illness as you and other benefits such as magazines newsletters, and/or emails keeping you up-to-date with things such as new research projects, participation opportunities, stories from others members etc. You might also receive information on living with the condition, ways of coping with the different symptoms, treatment options etc.

Birthday/Christmas Gifts

Information leaflets laid down. On top is a card with a picture of a puppy wearing a purple jacket and text reading 'My Amazing Puppy'.There is also a cuddly toy puppy wearing a purple Canine Partners assistance dog jacket, there is also a photograph of a puppy waring a purple jacket.
An idea for a birthday or Christmas gift could be to ask for donations to be made to a charity instead. An alternative is to sponsor/adopt an animal for somewhere like a zoo, animal sanctuary or an assistance dog puppy.

Cards & Other Things

Christmas cards

Instead of purchasing your Christmas cards from the supermarket or a stationary store why not buy them from a charity? Most charities do produce Christmas cards for people to purchase and it's a good way to help give a little bit back.

Alternatively, and this is what I do, is what I'd pay in postage and to make Christmas cards I donate those costs to charity instead.

Stationary & other items to buy that support charities

Here are just a few shops I found for you to have a browse at but there's much more out there is you just search online for it, like I searched for 'charity shop stationary' (even I found some new websites!)

Amazon Smile

Orange background with word Amazon with it's arrow logo underneath with the word Smile next to it. Underneath this Amazon Smile wording is more text reading You Shop. Amazon Gives.
Instead of having a regular Amazon account you can have a smile.amazon.co.uk account and from there you can select a charity. Certain products will support Amazon Smile and a percentage of the item bought will go towards your chosen charity. You will also be told how much you have raised for your chosen charity per purchase and also in your spending total as well as how much your chosen charity has been given from everyone supporting that charity.

Charity Shopping

Purchasing an donating to charity shops is a great way to support charities and you can often find some great finds.

You can even go charity shopping online. My go-to charity shop is THRIFT+.This is an online thrift (charity) shop where you get to decide what charity you want to support with your unwanted clothes. Then in buying clothes (all great quality I've shopped there myself a few times) you get to support other charities in return - the charity supported by each clothing item is chosen by the donor of that clothes item. Donating to THRIFT+ is so easy, just order a donation bag, fill it and then drop it off at a collection point to be sent to their warehouse.