Monday, 30 April 2018

A lovely Saturday afternoon

So last Saturday Dad and I went to the local garden centre. It was nice to spend some time just me and him. We had a little look around but it was a bit to cold and wet to spend too much tome outside and I enjoyed looking at the all the different fish. We then headed to the cafe which was packed. I was really please to see that they offered gluten free and soya. I got a gluten free carrot cake and a caramel soya latte (though later I realised that I shouldn't have had the latte on my Low FODMAP diet as I'm restricted to only 60 mls of soya milk but it didn't cause me any bad symptoms so all was well). Dad got the deal of the day and got a filter coffee and a large slice of chocolate cake. Dad's also got a dairy intolerance but he doesn't really stick to it as much as me and he symptoms aren't as bad as mine, he just puts up with the symptoms an say's "at least it tasted nice!".

We then had a bit of a better look for what we needed. I picked up a propagator (like a mini greenhouse) and some seed soil to plant my blue poppy seeds that I picked up last year hen we one tot Kew Gardens and Dad looks at some pots and picked u some house plant soil.

When we got home Dad and I set about putting some soil into some of the seed trays in my propagator and placed some poppy seeds on the soil. We left some some trays empty just incase some of the seed don't take. I put in my calendar what I needed to so with my seeds - they need 3 weeks in a mid temperature windowsill, then 2 weeks in the refrigerator then 2 weeks in the sunroom where it warm.

I'm really looking forward too seeing my seeds grow, though I'll have to be patient as they won't flower until next year and when the weather's perked up a bit we're going to sprinkle some of my wildflower seeds outside.

Saturday, 28 April 2018

I'm now on Facebook

I've now created a page on Facebook where I share my posts and related stories and articles and its a place where you can also comment and share your views and ideas for things I can write about.

The link the the page is:

Thursday, 26 April 2018

One Second Every Day - April 2018: Week 3

  • Monday 16th - Boring day waiting around for appointments so it's always handy to have some music, a cup of coffee and a puzzle book.
  • Tuesday 17th - Had a big (and exhausting) tidy of my bedroom to make it a bit of a nicer place to rest and relax in. Still have some things to sort which I've put into boxes to sort another day but at least for now my floor, tabletops and windowsills are clear. Had an early night with an audiobook.
  • Wednesday 18th - Out with my carer this morning. First off we went to the Post Office, then the the Drs then the Tesco. We took a detour via the cafe to fuel up before getting some shopping in and treated myself to some new make-up as wanting to get more adventurous and of course glittery products where chosen. In the afternoon I just rested and a lady from the home library service came with some audio books. Also started doing some reading for my new Understanding Autism distance learning course.
  • Thursday 19th - Bit of a dull day. Had an accident and spilt my drink on my bed so Dad to the rescue taking my duvet cover off. I can't sleep without something covering me so used my weighted blanket as a substitute duvet.
  • Friday 20th - Had a nice letter writing session finishing off the last few letters that where on my inbox which had gotten quite full. Also got my Paperchase parcel delivered with one new stickers and writing sets and a gift for a friend.
  • Saturday 21st - 'The Great Hedgehog Rescue'. Dad had dug a hole for a washing line post but a hedgehog had fallen in so tonight we rescued him/her from the hole and also built a little hedgehog cafe.
  • Sunday 22nd - Managed to make it to church. Haven't been the past few weeks so it was nice to make it this week though sitting at the back you get a bit of a limited few of the screens but oh well I made it there and that's the main thing as I find it hard it the mornings, it would be nice if they could do a evening session, *fingers crossed*.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

One Second Every Day - April 2018: Week 2

  • Monday 9th - Migraine day so Sumatriptan, pain relief, Cyclizine and rest to the rescue.
  • Tuesday 10th - Birchbox delivery day, yay! Received a highlighter, hand cream, eyebrow mascara, night cream and face illuminator.  Flop also arrived to stay with us for a few days.
  • Wednesday 11th - PJ morning having cuddles with Flop. Today his firm favourite in his flash food was spinach.
  • Thursday 12th -  Started back on my clonazepam after my GP stopped it for unknown reasons so seizures haven't been great past few days so just hoping they start to kick in soon. Bit of a dull day but alway made better with tea.
  • Friday 13th - Appointment in the morning. Making the most of Dad being off work for the Easter holidays so played a few games of Rumikub with him.
  • Saturday 14th - Chilled out day then in the evening the there of us played Triomino's (it's basically like dominos but with three sides). Also had a nice papering bath in the evening.
  • Sunday 15th - Intended to get up for church which I enjoy but I didn't sleep well so I accidentally slept in. Had another rest day conserving my spoons for a busy week ahead. Did some baking and made dairy, wheat and gluten free brownies.

Friday, 13 April 2018

13th April - FND Awareness Day 2018 - "My Story"

In layman’s terms FND is an umbral term for different neurologically based symptoms and they occur when the hardware (body) works but the software (brain) does’t. Your brain is continually sending out messages, such as when you walk its telling your legs to move, with FND those messages don’t get though properly so you can have an unbalanced gait or lose feeling in your legs completely.

"Little is known or understood about this disorder" - FND Hope

FND is unique to each person, some people may just have one or two symptoms and other people, like myself can be affected in many different ways.

FND is different to other disorders such as Conversation Disorder.

I've had FND for about 4 years now. It simply started with fatigue, vision problems and loosing my balance, falling over at times, absences and muscle twitches and spasms but I just put it down to being overworked at University. Then one day out the blue I went into a lengthy full-blown tonic clonic seizure in which I stopped breathing and had a tube put down my treat to keep my airway open. From then on seizures became a daily occurrence and I was told that they was non-epileptic in nature.

Because I have numerous symptoms I personally prefer to use the term FND and now, having a specialist neurologist (which took 4 years to get) agrees with this.

FACT: An FND diagnosis should not be made from negative test results. Positive signs such as the Hoover sign for weakness and balance issues which improve with distraction are some examples. - FND Hope
I saw numerous neurologists and neuropsychologists but non where able to help much and unfortunately I didn't live in an area where I could access he right care. After a battle and long wait I'm now finally under a brilliant Professor who has actually written a lot of information about FND.

FND affects me 24/7/365, literally. Like with most chronic illnesses I get good days and bad days and days where it's a mix of them both, I can start off having a good day then my spasms or seizures start and I end up finishing on a bad day. FND is a highly complex and unpredictable illness. Some days I can function fine, other days I am confined to my bed, the house our the sofa. I only leave the house for essential like appointments and only then do I go where I'm with familiar people who know me.

FACT: FND can be as debilitating as other neurological illnesses such as Parkinson's and MS. - FND Hope

I'm well know in A&E unfortunately and because of how misunderstood FND is I don't always receive the best care from professionals, including my GP. Often clinicians don't see FND as an actual diagnosis, but as a set of medically unexplained symptoms because organic illnesses have all been ruled out, such as epilepsy, MS etc. "The most common misconception is that patients are in control of some or all of their symptoms." - FND Hope

As well as FND I also have M.E. (Myalgic Encephalopathy) and joint hypermobility (I have other illnesses but these are my main three) and they all interlink with one another, for example all three illnesses cause chronic pain and fatigue.

Because it’s the brain that’s malfunctioning FND affects me in many ways.

Like I've just mentioned I suffer from daily seizures - absence seizures which are brief losses of consciousness; myoclonic seizures which are involuntary jerks, usually in my right upper body, but sometimes I get them in my legs or in my whole body and tonic-clonic seizures which are unconscious convulsions which can last anywhere from a few minutes to sometimes over an hour. A complication for me is that I have Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (possibly a condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which I'm in the process of being assessed for) so when I have my myoclonic and tonic-clonic seizures my joints can sublux (become loose) or dislocate which is very painful. There are different triggers for my seizures such as tiredness, pain (so dislocating my joints doesn't help), stress and over sensory stimulation, such as being in noisy places - all things which make it harder for my brain to function as normal. I get very anxious about having seizures which in itself can at times trigger me to have a seizure so it's a vicious cycle. Nowadays I can usually tell (thought not always) when I'm going to have a seizure, or people like my dad or carers can tell when I'm going to have one and can get me somewhere safe, but not always, it just depending on timing, sometimes a pre seizure aura gives enough time to get me somewhere safe like the sofa, other times my seizures can come on very suddenly.  I've lost count how many injuries I've had from my seizures to name a few incidents I've had numerous falls, head injuries, scalds (I once had a seizure holding a freshly boiled kettle a few years ago), and cuts (I had a seizure holding a plate in my hand and went from standing to the ground and cut my hand on the broken shards) and broken bones.

I have different symptoms in my lower body such as pins and needles, itching and painful spasming in my muscles as well as total loss of feeling (functional paralysis) which can last from a few minutes to several hours. My gait is also off-balance which leads to regular falls. As a way of coping I try to make light of my 'wanky walk' but I can be really frustrating as each step takes a lot of effort. I use mobility aids including crutches or my wheelchair depending on my level of mobility and how well behaved my legs are behaving.

I also have weakness in my whole body which can be very frustrating and scary at times and some days it's worse than other days. So for example my arms can become heavy and floppy and I lose all my strength in them. As well as this I can also get a tremor which of me is usually in my legs when I trying to walk or in my hands and arms when I'm trying to complete tasks like carry a cup.

These issues with mobility and movement fall under the subcategory called Functional Movement Disorder.

Chronic pain is another big feature for me and happens when signals of pain remain active in the nervous system for weeks, months, or even years and unfortunately FND related pain does not always respond to medication. Sometimes my pain is just there in the background, other times I double bent in agony.

Bladder and bowel problems. I have incontinence because my brain does’t tell me that I need to go for a wee until its too late with is quite embarrassing and affects my day and night too because I'm needing to make urgent dashes to the loo and because of my mobility problems I can't always make it in time so I wear incontince pads which is hard to accept at the age of 24. I also have bowel issues again because my gut is slow and is complicated by my hypermobility disorder.

'Brain fog' and cognitive difficulties are another feature I have. I get very forgetful and confused for example  recently I used a plastic plate until the microwave grill - oops! Some of my cognitive symptoms can include confusion, forgetfulness, fatigue, difficulty with thinking, focus and completing tasks and poor concentration. Keeping a blog is difficult as a result so I schedule posts and type ahead of time and add on here and there until it's completed and ready to be published. 

Memory loss is more than usual moments of forgetfulness for example I lose the name of common words so you might find me saying "that thing that you sit at to eat" as I've forgotten the word 'table'. 

My short term memory is also pretty bad. I often forget something that either I said or was said to me five minutes ago. My Dad or step-mum will go out and tell me where they are going only to receive a text or phone call from me asking them where they are. It can be quite scary at times.

Part of the cognitive dysfunction is difficulty with my speech. At times it can be slurred so I can sound and be mistaken for being drunk, especially paired with a headache or migraine. I also lose the words for common objects, for example "table" so instead I'll say "that wooden thing you sit at to eat".

I have Chronic Daily Headaches and have frequent migraines including Hemiplegic Migraines.

I'm very hypersensitive to things like light, sound and smell. I wear tinted lenses which make things easier but sometimes when I'm having a bad day I have to lay in bed in the dark with an eye mask and ear defenders on because I can't tolerate any sensory input.

My vision is also affected which comes from muscle and nerves problems and includes blurred and double vision which is mostly corrected with glasses and eye exercises. I also have limited peripheral vision.

Despite chronic fatigue and at times hypersomnia which is excessive sleeping I also struggle with insomnia which in itself exesserbates other systems such as cognitive function, pain tolerance, low mood etc.

Currently there are no NICE guidelines on how to treat and care for patients with FND and very few effective treatment plans exist; as well as this much more funding and research is needed to understand the condition. In the UK there are very few specialist and services that exist for patients with FND.
As well as battling the illness is battling for care. It took me 4 years to get to see the right neurologist and it's a bit of a postcode lottery in terms of where you live. Far too often access to treatment, both in terms of health and social care is a fight and sometimes it feels a losing battle. I have to self-fund my carers despite concerns raised by those involved in my care stating I need more care. My home, though it is a place to live can be a challenge at time. The bathroom is hard to access as I cannot get my legs over the bath and more grab rails are needed. I also struggle with the stairs and have had numerous falls and my wheelchair is difficult to manoeuvre around in. On my bad days I am bed bound, though I try my hardest to spend my days on the sofa and leave my bedroom for resting and sleeping to help with sleep hygiene. Sometimes my house/bedroom feels more like a prison than a home. I'd love to have a place of my own but that would require adaptations, wheelchair access and extra care and I doubt that locally that would would be near impossible to get. Even my wheelchair isn't perfect, though it does the job. I have in the past had pressure sores from being stuck in bed which are horrible and very painful.

One of the biggest challenges is the poor attitudes and lack of understanding around FND. My GP fails to see FND or M.E. are a real illness, but instead just simply a set of 'medically unexplained symptoms' despite being under a neurologist for the illness. And some clinicians don't even believe me to be ill at all. It's these attitudes that lead to poor and misunderstood care, or even the delivery of care at all. I just hope that when I get the official diagnosis of Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder/Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome that things may improve and my symptoms may be taken more seriously.
"Lack of understanding the condition has negatively influenced treatment and care. Researchers, money, and volunteers are greatly needed." - FND Hope

I'm on a mix of different treatments including medication and physiotherapy. I'm trying to push for hydrotherapy but unfortuanatly our NHS Trust doesn't have this facility. I'm also waiting on funding for a specialist rehabilitation unit. I also do physio exercises at home and have been under the physiotherapy team at the hospital and seen occupational therapists too. Like I mentioned above, I don't like in the best area where I can access all the therapies that could help me manage my symptoms, but now I'm under my Professor in London we are slowly getting there and trying to get treatment, like the rehabilitation unit. It really is just a postcode lottery depending on where you like. When I saw Professor Edwards last year he want's to rule out epilepsy for sure so I'm waiting to have a video telemetry test done because some of the presentation in my seizures don't quite match typical non-epileptic seizures, for example having my eyes open during seizures and my loss of awareness of what's going on around me.

I feel very lucky to now be under the care of Professor Edwards and I'm hoping with time and getting the right treatment that my symptoms will become more manageable, though I know that I will most likely always be there and I can live my life not limited by my symptoms but to be able to live with my symptoms and hopefully one day return to education and manage some form of employment; just maybe not quite in the way I had it planned out 6 or 7 years ago. It is my dream to one day train as a Child Psychotherapist. I just need to be patient and take one day at a time.

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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

One Second Every Day - April 2018: Week 1

April Week 1...

  • Sunday 1st - "He is Risen", Matthew 28:6. Made it to church in the morning. Received a lovely free from caramel chocolate Easter egg from my Mandy's (Step-Mum) Mum.  Went to visit Mandy's Dad and partner and the rest of the day was chilled out watching CSI.
  • Monday 2nd - Had a lay in and made he most of not being at the TC. Found it really hard to leave my bed. Watched TV including a teaching from Life Church and played a couple of games of Rumikub with Dad (I won both games!) Also spent some time getting some letters written.
  • Tuesday 3rd - Back at the TC but it'll be the only day I'm there this week as going to Harry Potter Studio's on Thursday (eek!). TC went well, it was quite a small gathering today which I find helpful. Treated myself to some fruity Mentos which I've discovered I really like. Got my care plan and assessment sorted with my care co-ordinator. When I got home I wrote out a few postcards form Postcrossing. Then in the evening I went to my last session of the Keys to Freedom Programme. Feel quite sad that it's come to an end as I've really enjoyed it and found it so spiritually helpful and it's defiantly planted some seeds for me.
  • Wednesday 4th - This morning I went out with my carer to run a few errands. We started off with an appointment at the salon for a wax and tidy up of my eyebrows. We then went to The Range and picked up a few things including some more stickers for my ever growing collection. We then just had time to go and pick up my glasses from the opticians before heading home and dropping off some mail in the post box. The afternoon was spent resting watching TV and having a nap. Then had a bath in the evening and gave myself a bit of a self-care pamper.
  • Thursday 5th - Today was an especially exciting day as we went to Harry Potter Studios! I got an entry ticket for Christmas from Dad and was my favourite gift and I had an AMAZING time! (blog post to come soon!)
  • Friday 6th - Quite tired from yesterday's trip to London, especially because we didn't get home until the early hours so today was a PEM rest day. Trying my hardest not to spend my rest days in bed (even when my body and brain are begging for it) and getting myself downstairs to spend the day on the sofa and save my bedroom for nighttime sleeping to help with sleep hygiene stuff. 
  • Saturday 7th - Still feeling the fatigue and pain so had another rest day; discovered Puzzler online so distracted myself with some different puzzles.
  • Sunday 8th - Making the most of the weekend before the week ahead and had another rest day. Seizures haven't been very good past few days so I had an early night and put on my Mathmos projector which I love and find very relaxing and had Stephen Fry read Harry Potter to me (I listen to the Harry Potter books most nights to help me nod off).

Friday, 6 April 2018

Distance Learning Courses

When I was volunteering at the local children's hospice I started a distance learning course to help me with my work. Sadly due to my seizures and health I've had to put my voluntary work on hold. However, I decided to keep up with my distance learning to give me something to do but also to help me ready for when I go back to the hospice or university or for just life in general.

The first course I did and hove now finished was 'Introduction to Caring for Children and Young People'. Today the learning materials for my next course arrived and the course I've chosen to study this time is 'Understanding Autism'.

There are lots of short courses to choose from and there are different modules to complete which have a deadline so it gives me a bit of motivation, and because of my health I get a few extra weeks and I can also get extensions too. I'm really looking forward to going and reading my books and on Monday I need to call up the office to get my deadlines but I'm going to start reading over the weekend and I'm really looking forward to understanding Autism more.

GUEST POST by Phil - Autism: A parent's perspective, "from the outside looking in"

My boy is now fourteen. He leads a seemingly happy life with his mother and permanent companion for them both, his Aunt! I say seemingly happy as to many he is spoilt, has a mother who goes the extra distance for him and works through situations with him that have caused any kind of difficulty. Hard to explain succinctly but let me try with a little pre-history.

Michael was diagnosed with autism at a very early age. What age now I cannot say, but an early diagnosis was possible due to signs that his mother explained were exactly as she had experienced throughout her own childhood, and it was only as an adult she finally understood when the dots became connected- she had autism herself!

So this was a great help for Michael because his mum knew how his complex mind was processing information and she was also very articulate at putting this information across to others (such as school teachers and even health and social workers). Sad thing I have to point out here though is how brain dead (I should apologise for such words!) the authorities have been in their dealings with Michael! Something that shocks and amazes me especially as claim to have his interests at heart.

How wrong and how cruel it is then then that my boy goes to school quite happily only to arrive to find out there is a test everyone except him knows about. He has done no preparation whatsoever and has to sit down with his class mates who have knowingly kept information from him and he tries to perform to the best of his ability. What must be going on in his mind emotionally I dread to think as he tackles this situation that is by no means isolated.

Whatever school Michael has attended, he has had to struggle with teachers who have sadly put their own emotional welfare above Michael's. I was informed of one incident many months after the event (as Michael's mum knew I would have marched into the school and caused an incident of my own!) The story goes like this: 

Michael was sat in a handicraft class. He was quietly making something he was happy with and was using navy blue thread. It ran out and he asked the teacher for more. Sadly there was none left and he was offered purple. Michael weighed up how his work would look should he continue with another colour and he respectfully declined. (He is very polite and was courteous in his refusal). The teacher was unhappy with Michael's response and actually have him an ultimatum- either use the purple and take a detention. Once again Michael weighed up the options before him and also once again remained polite and calm. He explained that his work meant more to him being correct so would take the detention. This really rattled the teacher. Her response though was despicable and shocking (although sorry to say I must warn you it managed to get worse!) She said to Michael to go and sit in the corner and twiddle with his thumbs!! You may guess where this is heading! 

To Michael's mind this activity must have been part of the lesson. He would not be able to work out (bless him) that the teacher was being facitious! When she saw Michael twiddling his thumbs as instructed, she really lost her temper. She ripped Michael's handiwork from him and proceeded to use the purple thread he was so against!

Now. How would you be on hearing that story concerning your own little child? I was beyond livid. If that is not abuse I don't know what is! And the truly terrible thing? The head of the school said you also have to view this from the teacher's angle. Yeah right!! How on earth does poor Michael cope when adults have no clue even how to act rationally? Who is able to stand up for him and fight against such idiocy? Well luckily his mother fights for him! The result? The school, the health authorities and social services all see her as unreasonable and difficult and in turn take it out on Michael. Absurd!

So what mesaage was I hoping to get across by digging not very deeply into some of Michael's day to day issues? I guess only that appearances are massively deceptive. Michael is a happy, sincere and very polite young lad. He is hard working and diligently performs his tasks yet inside he has to deal with irrational adults and authority figures while negotiating a minefield of thoughts and emotions no one can truly comprehend. To this end I truly believe Michael is such a treasure and I am so proud of all his achievements as none of them come without sacrifice and commitment on his part. Inspiring is what it is!

Monday, 2 April 2018

One Second Every Day: March

March Week 1...

  • Thursday 1st - started Season 3 of Chicago Fire 
  • Friday 2nd - getting back in crochet and making some fingerless gloves whilst watching some Desperate Housewives with Mandy
  • Saturday 3rd - went out for coffee with Nichola
  • Sunday 4th - church in the morning and having a game of Rumikub with Dad in the afternoon

March Week 2...

  • Monday 5th - appt with Pain Clinic
  • Tuesday 6th March -  took a trip to Hull the visit The Deep
  • Wednesday 7th - poorly day with a migraine, PEM and a fever
  • Thursday 8th - still feeling unwell but went to some friends in the evening watching the Jesus Culture conference in the background
  • Friday 9th - still feeling ill but remembered last minute I was booked in at the salon so had a nice massage which helps with my pain and muscle spasms
  • Saturday 10th - feeling more ill so spent the day on the sofa watching TV
  • Sunday 11th - spent most of the day in bed but got up late afternoon and had a few rounds of a game called Besh with Dad and the watched Endeavour

March Week 3...
  • Monday 12th - appt with the Pain Clinic. Not that helpful but it’s something rather than nothing. Just talked about relaxation and how to get comfortable.
  • Tuesday 13th - challenging my anxiety and getting on the phone ‘n’ ride bus (it’s an accessible door-to-door bus service). Also went to a church group in the evening but I had a seizure so came home early and went to bed.
  • Wednesday 14th - rest day catching up on Shetland. A part of Scotland I’d LOVE to visit one day.
  • Thursday 15th - busy day so early bedtime with an audiobook and a few games of solitaire
  • Friday 16th - out in the morning, spent the afternoon resting. Forgot to take a video so found this fitting quote by Frida Kahlo
  • Saturday 17th - spent a cosy evening in the sunroom watching Chicago Fire
  • Sunday 18th - went to church in the morning and then in the afternoon wegot invited to some family friend’s home for Sunday dinner. The evening was spent catching up on replying to a few letters as my inbox in stacking up.

March Week 4...
  • Monday 19th - appt with pain clinic, on the way home and n patient transport I went into a prolonged seizure and the 999 paramedics got called so off to A&E I went
  • Tuesday 20th - was a rest day in bed
  • Wednesday 21st: my referral to the London EDS Diagnostic Centre arrived. I also went to the opticians and Costa with my carer. 
  • Thursday 22nd - I did some blogging about Stage 2 of my Low FODMAP diet and how it's going so far
  • Friday 23rd - I got a lovely surprise in the post. A bag with my design on from a design a bag competition. 
  • Saturday 24th - was a bad pain and fatigue day curled up with my heat pad and watching Chicago Fire 
  • Sunday 25th - Season 4 of Chicago Fire arrived just in time and I just had to watch a few episodes

March Week 5...
  • Monday 26th - Pain Clinic appointment, rested up for most of the day and started on Season 4 of Chicago Fire
  • Tuesday 27th - Another high fatigue day, tired from going out the my appointment yesterday. In today's watching of Chicago Fire there was a crossover episode with Chicago Med
  • Wednesday 28th - Went out with my carer in the morning to pick up some bits from the supermarket. My carer agency are also trialling a new SOS watch. Every 15 minutes it takes my pulse and temperature and also counts my steps. It also has a falls detector and SOS button so that is giving me some peace of mind when I'm alone.
  • Thursday 29th - Home alone and my silly brain decided to turn my legs off when I went to make myself a coffee so I feel to the floor subliming my hip and dislocating my shoulder. My watch isn't picking up falls but I was able to press the SOS button and speak with someone from my care agency. They advised I call 999, but I decided to call 111 instead as my GP out-of-hours wouldn't be able to do anything. The paramedics arrived and where brilliant. They went with my flow of what to do. They got me on the entonox as my shoulder was in a lot of pain and had trapped a nerve and got me some of my oramorph. After a while we got me up off the floor using an inflatable cushion to minimise risk of re-injury and with a put of rubbing of my legs we managed to gingerly get me to the sofa. The paramedics where very impressed with my Stickman Communications © filofax. They made sure I was comfortable on the sofa and had everything I need including a coffee and some snacks and my phone was with me. I had to sign a waiver as I declined to go to A&E (which I stated at the outset). 
  • Friday 30th - Rest day and caught up with some letters as have a bit of a backlog.
  • Saturday 31st - Another day of pain and fatigue so spent the day resting and decided to watch Bones for a change as I'm whizzing through Chicago Fire and today have bought Season 5 and Chicago Med to keep my going.

Once Second Every Day - January and February

So this year I started a little project using an app to take 1 second videos for each day of the year. I've been keeping an account of it on my Facebook but I'm trying to think of non medical ideas for my blog so I've decided to bring it onto my bog. For January and February I just did a whole month video; then a friend suggested doing a week-by-week account and keeping a little journal so I'll show you the monthly videos then for April I'll start doing a week-by-week post.