Chronic Headaches & Migraines

I have Chronic Daily Headaches (including Orthostatic Headaches) alongside Chronic Migraines - migraines are classed as 'chronic' when you have 15 or more migraines a month.

With my migraines I mostly have Migraines with an Aura which affect around 1 in 3 people who experience migraines. The aura is visual symptom or hallucination. For me I often feel like a light I being shone in my eyes, or I see black and white dots that look like fireflies floating around, my vision also blurs or I can have temporary vision loss. I also have other migraine symptoms such as pain, nausea and hypersensitivity.

I also have a rare type of migraine called Hemiplegic Migraines though I've only had a a small handful of these types of migraine.

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