About this blog

I created the blog initially to share with people the realities of living with multiple chronic illnesses and disabilities however I now blog about many different things - basically me summed up in a blog.

Some of the things I blog about include:

  • Living with chronic health problems and disabilities
  • Lifestyle (including disability lifestyle) and wellbeing
  • Product reviews
  • Book and poetry reviews
  • Craft tutorials
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Collaborations with guest bloggers
  • And much more!
My friend Ruth has this quote: "Your life is like a piece of cake and your have ten portions, but only one portion is your health" - so I blog about all ten portions of who I am.

I often blog about living with M.E and the work I've done to write about this illness has been  recognised by the M.E Association and I am now one of their M.E Champion Bloggers.

I now also have a growing YouTube channel which I see as an extension of my blog as sometimes it is easier to talk than the type depending on the topic. My YouTube channel is also another way to reach out to people to share my life like I do here.

If you have any suggestions for future blog posts or YouTube videos I would love to hear them. You can contact me via email - see 'contact me' on the tab at the top of my blog site or alternatively you can contact on on social media - links in the sidebar at the very top.