Awareness work

Action for M.E.

Over the past couple of years I have done quite a bit with Action for M.E. 

M.E. is a neuro-immune disorder though it affects many different parts of the body. In the UK 250,000 children and adults are affected; 1 in 4 of those like myself are severely affected. Despite having severe M.E. I do what I can to help raise awareness of the condition and bring it into the spotlight.

"Living with M.E. can often force people to become experts at self-care, careful planning, energy-management, learning to say no, living with uncertainty, coping with isolation… the list goes on.

We want celebrate this strength, insight and resilience. So we asked three people with M.E. to share their self-care advice and experience with the wider world." - Action for M.E.

With the support of Action for M.E I've also written an article for the Royal College of Nursing on 'How nurses can support patients with M.E.’

In Action for M.E.'s December 2020 magazine I wrote another article about how I've found ways to still be able to do the things I enjoy despite having severe M.E. I mainly touch upon how I manage to blog and write letters as well as the subject of friendships when you have M.E.

➜ If you would would like to read this article email me at

  •  Severe M.E. Awareness Day 2021 - posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook sharing a short post on my experience of living with Severe M.E.

The M.E. Association

As well as working with Action for M.E. I have also written some articles that are up on the M.E. Association's website. I have also been featured in their podcast 'The M.E. Show'.

EDS (&HSD) Support UK

Chronic Warrior Collective & Cards2Warriors

I'm an ambassador for the Chronic Warrior Collective. The CWC support those with chronic illnesses and disabilities all over the world including care givers and siblings.

I've also joined the Cards2Warriors Extra Card Crew sending mail to those have a tough time and I'm now one of their Artists designing cards for them to use.

British Association of Social Workers 

Together with Action for M.E. and Louise a journalist who works at the BASW we put together some new guidelines for social on how to work with people with M.E./CFS. My part in this project was to be a case study and to offer my suggestions to social workers on how they can best support and meet the needs of those with M.E./CFS. It was an amazing opportunity to be asked to take part in having lived experience of needing care and using social care services.

You can read the online article here.

This the article the the BASW’s magazine

These are posts that have been published on The Mighty

Disability/Chronic Illness posts

M.E. posts

HSD/EDS posts

FND posts

Other oppertunities I've participated in

▪️ Speaking on ITV Calendar about the changed to the Blue Badge (disabled parking permit) scheme.

▪️ 'I've spent years in lockdown' - this was an article that I wrote for our local newspaper about how for me the lockdowns we have all been experiencing due to the coronavirus is experienced for much longer periods by those who are housebound due to chronic illness. I write about living with M.E. and the challenges that I face as a result of the illness. There are some inaccuracies like referring to M.E. as a 'chronic fatigue illness', as M.E. extends far beyond just experiencing fatigue.