Monday 30 April 2018

A lovely Saturday afternoon

So last Saturday Dad and I went to the local garden centre. It was nice to spend some time just me and him. We had a little look around but it was a bit to cold and wet to spend too much tome outside and I enjoyed looking at the all the different fish. We then headed to the cafe which was packed. I was really please to see that they offered gluten free and soya. I got a gluten free carrot cake and a caramel soya latte (though later I realised that I shouldn't have had the latte on my Low FODMAP diet as I'm restricted to only 60 mls of soya milk but it didn't cause me any bad symptoms so all was well). Dad got the deal of the day and got a filter coffee and a large slice of chocolate cake. Dad's also got a dairy intolerance but he doesn't really stick to it as much as me and he symptoms aren't as bad as mine, he just puts up with the symptoms an say's "at least it tasted nice!".

We then had a bit of a better look for what we needed. I picked up a propagator (like a mini greenhouse) and some seed soil to plant my blue poppy seeds that I picked up last year hen we one tot Kew Gardens and Dad looks at some pots and picked u some house plant soil.

When we got home Dad and I set about putting some soil into some of the seed trays in my propagator and placed some poppy seeds on the soil. We left some some trays empty just incase some of the seed don't take. I put in my calendar what I needed to so with my seeds - they need 3 weeks in a mid temperature windowsill, then 2 weeks in the refrigerator then 2 weeks in the sunroom where it warm.

I'm really looking forward too seeing my seeds grow, though I'll have to be patient as they won't flower until next year and when the weather's perked up a bit we're going to sprinkle some of my wildflower seeds outside.