Thursday 1 April 2021

April's Monthly Make - Block printed canvas pencil case

This month I show you how to block print to decorate a canvas pen case. The tutorial video can be found below.

Once you know how to block print you can decorate a wide variety of things including makeup bags, canvas cases, tea towels, tote bags, gift tags, wrapping paper blank cards and envelopes and much more!

Like with my decoupage supplies my go-to shop for block printing The Arty Crafty Place is my go-to shop. You can buy kits with all you need to get started with block printing and I've found in the past with their kits that if there's a paint colour or stamp in the kit that I don't particularly like then they are more than happy to swap the paint or stamp in the kit for one that I prefer. They also have a wide array of paints, stamps and craft blanks and extra supplies like sponges so you can build up your collection as I have if you find that you enjoy block printing. Everything shown in the video tutorial has been bought from The Arty Crafty Place.


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