Tuesday 23 March 2021

My Daily Plan

So, if you've read previous blog posts you may have read references to my 'Daily Plan' a few times so I thought that it was about time that I shared with you what exactly this Daily Plan is.

So this is roughly the Daily Plan that I still follow now I'm home. I've ever so slightly altered as being at home is very different to being in hospital, for example the time we eat tea in the evening isn't always the same time. I also alter it for any appointments I may have and need time to recover from. From when I was in hospital I learnt how to better manage my symptoms so again if I'm not having a great day like I would have done in hospital I reduce or alter my day a little.

Having the routine really has helped me manage my disabilities as it gives my body stability and predictability so I'm not always on the go and it helps with activity management and keeping my energy levels in check (well as much as in check as possible).

As you can see mornings and late afternoons and evenings are still a struggle for me so I have more activity/rest periods then. My energy peak is between 1pm and 3pm but I can't continuously be active for 2 hours so I have mini breaks after every 20/30 minuets to help me keep going. I use the timer on my watch or my phone to ensure that I don't over-do myself which again is something that I learnt to do whilst in hospital.

When I was in hospital I put my daily plan on my iPad with alerts at the start of each new event (as all my devices are Apple the sync across all my devices which I love and is so helpful). My Occupational Therapist loved that I'd digitalised my Daily Plan and had colour coded it. Having my Daily Plan on my calendar is so helpful as I can easily alter it for times like when I have appointments plus the reminders prompts me to know what I'm meant to be doing which is so helpful for my memory problems.