Tuesday 2 March 2021

March's Monthly Make - Present Birthday Card

I first made this card in last year's Vlogmas Series, but I made it as a Christmas card but you can just as easily make it as a birthday card.

Difficulty Level - ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

What you will need

  • Blank card and envelope
  • Happy Birthday sentiment - this could be a sticker, die cut, stamp or even hand written
  • Patterned paper/card
  • Coordinating ribbon that matches the paper/card
  • Scissors or a paper trimmer
  • Quick drying clear craft glue
  • 3D double sided foam sticky pads (rectangle or square)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

Step 1

Put the sentiment onto your card

Step 2

With a ruler work out what size your present will be (ensuring you leave enough room for the bow at the top.

Using the measurements you've just worked out mark this out on your patterned paper/card and cut it out.


Step 3

On the front of the paper/card that you have just cut out, draw a cross marking out where you will be gluing your ribbon. 

Step 4

Work out how much ribbon you will need to cover the cross ensuring that you leave enough to tuck underneath.

Step 5

Glue along the cross and stick on your ribbon. Once tacky dry turn over and fold and glue the ribbon underneath. You may need to hold each tab in place until the glue goes tacky and hold the ribbon in place.


Step 6

Place the sticky pads over the folds of ribbon on the back of the paper/card - I've found that this helps to keep the ribbon in place as opposed to placing the sticky pads in the corners.

Peel off the back of the sticky pad and stick in onto your card leaving enough room for your bow.


Step 7

Make a bow with the ribbon and glue this to put a bow on the top of your present.


Personalise it

What you could do is persons the card in a free space a the top of the card by adding a name or a number.

You are now finished! 

All you need to do is write in is and send it to a friend to wish them a Happy Birthday!

Just a note...

If you have ever given one of my 'Monthly Makes' a go please send in a picture of what you have made as I would love to see your creations. Just email your creation to hello@agirlcallednaomi.com