Tuesday 13 April 2021

Gratitude for my disability

A white heart with twine to hang it up. on it is written I am grateful in black text with a red heart.
I am grateful for becoming disabled. Confused? Becoming ill has grown my gratitude for life. The small things now mean the big things and to be honest I'm not all too bothered about the big things, Things like a text from a friend, a walk in my wheelchair, getting my washing, a letter or from a pen pal all fill me up with gratitude and positivity.

When I look at the noticeboard in my bedroom I am filled with love at all the time and effort people have taken, many of whom have health struggles themselves, to write to me and send me mail and bits and bobs, or projects that bring a smile to people living with chronic illnesses/disabilities.

Being positive and filled with fratitde isn't easy when you're chronically ill. It's so easy to fall down a hole of negativity when you're body is throwing curveballs at you all the time and some days it does take a lo of effort to put a smile on my face and be positive.

My friend Ruth who I see as my positivity cheerleader whenever I get a message or letter from her has this quote: "When there is life there is hope" - Ruth S

And I have to hope that better and brighter days will come.

But I am grateful for my disability as so much positivity has come from it. For a start I wouldn't have started this blog, or my YouTube channel. I've also met such wonderful people who I now call friends and in life I now know who the true friends are in my life.

There has been many difficult time and days and I've cried a lot and at times felt let down, upset, frustrated and voiceless. Life with a disability isn't easy by no mean at all but it's made me the person I am today.