Thursday 15 April 2021

Review: Dear Chronic Illness

Dear Chronic Illness Dear Chronic Illness by Pippa Stacey
My rating: ★★★

I loved this book. It was very easy to read as I could read each person's letter to their illness one at a time. I learnt about different illnesses and could relate to people's stories on illnesses that we shared such as gratitude towards our illness for what it's taught us about life and ourselves but also the grief in what out illnesses have brought us taking away the plans we had for our lives from before we became ill and how we've had to learn and adapt to our new lives factoring in our chronic illnesses and disabilities. It's a book I would defiantly recommend people reading as there is so much emotion put into each letter and even if you're not chronically ill or disabled you can learn and understand about different chronic illnesses and how they affect people from reading this book.

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