Tuesday 6 April 2021

Product Review: SWet Wipes

One  of the many challenges for some people with chronic illnesses and disabilities is bathing. For me it's an exhausting task that just takes up too much energy that I simply don't have even with the aid of things like a bath lift.

I use a waterless body wash which is a foam and that does the job well but I though I'd do a search online for some nice wash wipes that like with my waterless foam wash would help me be and feel clean without the exhausting task of getting a bath in between when I am able to get a 'proper wash' in the bath.

I compared several wash wipes. I wanted something that would be a little more 'luxury' that would hopefully do a good job and cleaning me as well as making me feel freshened up and feeling nice.

I settled on purcashing SWet Wipes. Each pack contains 12 wipes with a lovely light coconut scent and the wipes themselves are very thick so they last the job  of being able to fully wipe all over my body and they feel lovely on my skin and I find them very suitable for my sensitive skin and I feel really freshened up after washing with these wipes.

The wipes themselves are antibacterial and remove dirt, sweat and body odour and the wipes themselves are biodegradable (which is always a bonus).

I would defiantly recommend these wipes to anyone who struggles with bathing for whatever reason, or is going into hospital or any other reasons such as for travel or camping.

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* This post has been created in partnership with SWet Wipes but all views are my own