Sunday 14 January 2018

Impossible Shoes

Impossible Shoes

This is one of my favourites and one I can't wait to share with you.

"Starring paraplegic model and artist Sophie Morgan, this short film explores the dichotomy of shoes that are impossible to walk in and feet that cannot walk. The film is a poetic and surreal portrait that pushes the boundaries of perception and stereotypes and aims at widening the spectrum of body representation in fashion imagery."
I love the poeticness of the words and the last paragraph holds my favourite quote which you can see up on the side of my blog page.

"There are things that are possible; things that are impossible, but otherwise, within my restrictions anything is possible. Imagination is another name for absolute power."
Sophie Morgan is a big role model for me. She advocates for the rights of disabled women and proves to the world that we have a role to play in society just like abled bodied people. 

Link: Impossible Shoes - VIMEO