Sunday 28 January 2018


So it's 1.09am and I'm still wide awake. It' one of the stranger symptoms I have and it always perpelxes me that I have the symptom of chronic fatigue alongside insomnia. How crazy is that?!

Some days I can barely lift my head because I'm so tired but come night time I can't nod off. Other times I can just sleep and sleep and sleep.

I've literally tried everything at bedtime. Even my nighttime medication has no effect which I find frustrating, especially when you hear of how tired it makes others sleep at bedtime. 

Sometimes I can't sleep for different reasons - pain, struggling to get comfortable and overthinking being the main culprits but other nights, like tonight, there is no reason, sleep simply just doesn't want to come to me. There are nights when I'm physically exhausted but mentally I can't drop off and sometimes its the other way round.

How can I have chronic fatigue and yet have insomnia at the same time - it just does't make any sense?! I try my hardest not to nap during the day time in the hope that will entice sleep to come but not, my body and brain just won't have it. I also try other sleep hygiene stuff too but sleep still won't always happen. 

Maybe I'm trying too hard. Maybe I should just snuggle up in bed and but on the TV for the background and wait for sleep to come to me?

*** Update ***

It's now 2.43am and I'm still awake, but feeling sleepier (yay!)

Thinking of doing a post with some positive sleeping tips later today (aka the it's not stupid o'clock in the morning).

Despite the insomnia I am feeling gratitude for:

  • Having my own bedroom and a safe place to relax and rest in
  • My DVD player with Chicago Fire playing
  • My laptop