Sunday 14 January 2018

Lovely Weekend

Weekends are usually hard, physically and emotionally. Physically because I'm usually exhausted from the week that has just been and emotionally because there is a void in the business of the week.

I've always struggled socially but since starting at the Therapeutic Community (TC for short) I've made one friend. That brings my total count of "friends" to two. Sure I have other "friends" like those that I write to and chat to online but my two friends are actual friends that I meet with and feel able to fully share my life with and I know are always there for me no matter what (even if it means being camped out in A&E with me).

So going back to my lovely weekend, on Saturday I met up with my friend from the TC for a coffee. Since she started at the TC we clicked and it made going to the TC much easier knowing she was there too - this was the friend that went to A&E with me the other weekend. So that was nice to get out the house and do something "normal' for a change - I say "normal" because hey, define "normal". Sure we met at the hospital for our coffee but it's close-ish to my house and it's one a good bus route for her, and the do Costa with soya milk and you can't really go wrong with that. To say it was 1pm it was fairly quite and in the cafe you don't really feel like you're in the hospital (unless you looked around and saw the Drs wearing their stethoscopes with pride, the staff in their varying colours of uniforms and patients in their finest NHS gowns with the added IV pole as an accessory to complete the look). 

Then when I got home I had a low FODMAP friendly late lunch and watched an episode of 'Hard Sun' with Dad - a drama we've been watching on BBC. After that I did some tidying of my room and then took a rest and wrote some letters.

Today, Sunday I made it to church this morning which was nice as I haven't been for a few weeks as since moving to the new building the heating was broke and it was too cold and it was making me ill. When I got back home I continued with the letter writing, then took a break and watched another episode of 'Hard Sun' with Dad then went back to my letter writing and then tidied up - usually when I letter write my bedroom becomes a stationary explosion. Then this evening another drama came on which is call McMafia which is also on BBC (BBC have one some good drama's at the moment - my favourite being Silent Witness). I also did some blogging (as you can probably tell) this evening which I'm enjoying. Oh, I've also spent the afternoon online chatting with a couple of people which was nice.

Now I'm just wrapping up and heading to bed. So all-in-all its been a good, sociable and busy weekend. Now I need to prepare for the week ahead which brings its own difficulties...