Saturday 20 January 2018

Coffee and Cinema Trip - The Greatest Showman

Today I took an adventure out with two friends from the TC. We met up at Starbucks initially for coffee. One of the good things about Starbucks is they now offer oat milk which is low FODMAP friendly, however I was annoyed with the fact that they charge 40p for this option. I raised up with the mange and flashed him my Stickman Communications © Medical Diet card and explained how I due to medical needs I can only consume rice or oat milk and how I felt it was unfair that because of this I have to pay extra. He was very understanding and said that he wouldn't charge me and in future if I show this card that i wouldn't be charged for oat milk which I though was really good, so I'm glad I was brave enough to bring up this complaint and how facilitating Starbucks. 

One of my pet hates is emergency red cords being tied up and out of reach. The red cord in Starbucks was tied up and again I was brave enough to bring up this issue and how by it being tied up meant the it could stop someone from calling for help. Normally the complaint is just let with the member of staff and that's that but the lady I spoke with instantly went to the toilet to until the red cord. So all-in-all thumbs up to Starbucks today.

After our coffee's we headed over the road to the cinema to see The Greatest Showman. Good job we got there early as the showing sold out!

It's a musical set in historical America and is about a man facing adversity with a vision to put on the greatest show on earth.

We all really enjoyed it and it challenged my anxiety and it was good to socialise outside to TC too. I always get anxious about my health, like a joint popping out or having a fainting spell or a seizure but I just reminded myself that I was safe with my friends and that they've dealt with it all before at the TC.

I'm home now just resting and writing this blog. Its film worth watching and I'd highly recommend. Hope you are all having a good day too.

Today I am filled with gratitude for:

  • Being well enough to leave to house
  • My friends
  • Starbucks offering oat milk
  • My Stickman Communications © cards