Friday 4 May 2018

M.E. Essential Magazine - ME: More severe than MS

I'm a member of the M.E Association and to anyone with a chronic illness I'd defiantly recommend becoming a member of an organisation that supports whatever illness you have. Many offer support and produce magazines, newsletters, information, regular email updates, opportunities to become involved in opportunities and more.

The latest magazine from the M.E Association was full as ever with interesting things to read that I can dip in and out of. One article was about talking with your Doctor which is really relevant for me at the moment as it's something that I've been struggling with doing for a while. The M.E Association also heavily invests in biomedical research and in the latest again there was an interesting article about current research and how M.E in some cases can be more severe than MS (Multiple Sclerosis - another neurological condition).

By no way am I disregarding MS as I know how severe an illness it as, as are all chronic illnesses/disabilities. But reading the article it details the daily struggles that some people with M.E have to deal with, for example getting financial support from DWP (governmental department in the UK that deals with benefits like PIP an allowence to help disabled people pay for disability expenses, and ESA which helps those too ill to work), the article also noted the stigma that surrounds M.E - all things I can all too familiarly relate to.

These are quotes from the article:
"Now, the study shows that people with M.E can be more disabled that those that suffer from MS, a similar, but recognised illness... Scientists found that people with M.E. were 'measurable more disable' than those with MS, work fewer hours and have lower incomes... People with M.E continue to struggle to have their condition recognised was disabling in the face of the public and professional prejudice and discrimination."
Referece: M.E Association: 'People with ME/CFS are more functionally impaired than people with Multiple Sclerosis'