Wednesday 9 May 2018

BBC Newsbeat Documentary 'M.E. and Me'

I've just come across a very interesting documentary on BBC Newsbeat​ called 'M.E. and Me' an article along with a fantastic video about M.E. looking at the lives of those living with M.E., the research going into the condition, the fight to be believed. Dr Charles Shepard also speaks in the video and he's a leading specialist in M.E. and speaks about the problems with the NICE guidelines for the treatment  for M.E. - thankfully these treatment guidleines are being reviewed.

It's an insigtful but at times upsetting film, especially Sophie's and Merryn's story. Merryn sadly lost her battle with her illness and her family hope that the inquest into her passing will show the M.E. was the cause of her death to validate to condition and how severe the condition is.

I can relate to a lot of what was said in the film, especially the symptoms so it helped me feel that I'm not alone in my fight with M.E. but the filmed also highlighted also the individuality within the condition.

The documentary and film are available on the BBC website at:

Cure M.E. is featured in the film and their website can be found at: