Wednesday 15 November 2023

Settling into my new home

I’ve been living in my new home since April this year. I love having my own place to call home and the independence it brings and being able to do what I want; when I want (within reason of course!)

I wanted to move out for two reasons. The first was that it was my 30th birthday this year, back in June and I felt it was time to live on my own. I also needed to live somewhere that better met my needs in terms of my health.

It wasn’t easy finding a property as they all seemed to have or being given wet rooms whilst vacant and for me I needed a property with a bath due to my own needs. I looked at one property and I ticked all the boxes and it was spacious but the promised bathroom actually had a brand new wet room. That was the first property I viewed. I became number one for a number of properties but the vast majority of the time it turned out the listing was outdated and the bathroom was now a wet room or was having one installed or the area turned out to be less than ideal. I then bid for one property; I even called and begged my case for it but I was just told to call the council but then I dropped down to number four for the property so I thought no chance and moved on. 

I believe everything happens for a reason as a while later with that property now out of my mind I got a call asking if I wanted to view it as three people had turned it down. It was my second property viewing; my housing support worker couldn’t make it but I had my PA with me. I was a little unsure as going for a property is a huge commitment but my PA (who I’m really close to as she’s been my PA for a few years) urged me to say yes to the property. I can honestly say it was the best decision I’ve ever made and I’ve never looked back. I believe that first property fell through because this property is a million times better for me.

My Dad and stepmum did all the painting and decorating to get it ready for me. I’ve truly put my mark on my home now. Every time people come round they comment how very ‘me’ it is! The front room is all colourful and miss-matched. My home is also a homage to IKEA!

In the front room I have a little seating area, a craft area then a kitchen space. The latter I was unsure of the first time I saw it but I’ve made it work for me. It’s small with not much cupboard space so I’ve added an extra unit for extra space. In regards to my mobility I’m only a few meters from place to place around my bungalow which helps me so so much. Then the other room is my bedroom which is big and spacious with an almost en-suite like bathroom. Then off from my bedroom as a real bonus I have my own garden! Dad’s helping do my garden up ready for next year which will be lovely so I’m looking forward to that.

As well as my bungalow being better for my mobility I’ve also been able to have some aids and adaptations that I was in need of such as grab rails in the bathroom and my perching stool and my step and grab rail to access the garden. It’s also better having access from both sides of my profiling bed for PAs/carers as well as nurses. I’ve also made my own accommodations such as smart lighting and smart plugs which I can control on my phone or through my HomePods with verbal commands. I’ve also been able to install safety features for my home both for myself but also in case of emergencies which put my mind at rest.

I’m much happier living here. It can be tough at times I won’t lie especially on my bad health days and it doesn’t help that my care situation isn’t sorted properly so that can be challenging at times.

Sometimes it’s the little things I like about living on my own like choosing my own laundry products and choosing what food I have in. I will say I’m not a fan of doing the laundry (thankfully the cleaning is left to my cleaner) but I like it when I have my home to myself and I like the peace (esp when my neighbours are out and therefore it’s quiet) and just pausing with a mug of coffee or crafting in bed or in my craft corner or curling up with a book or when we had nice weather swinging on my swing seat in the garden.

I’m really looking forward to my first Christmas in my new home. It’ll be nicer to have a quieter Christmas too without the hecticness that goes on at Dad’s. 

I can see a future for myself here which is so lovely and I settle in more and more as time goes by.

Tour of my new home - video on my YouTube channel 

My front