Friday 3 November 2023

Discovering iris folding

An iris folded card made by myself

I’ve recently discovered iris folding and I’ve fallen in love with this crafty activity. What’s great about it is that it is very easy and simple to do and it doesn’t require much energy.

I’m always on the lookout for low level activities and iris folding definitely is one. Another fantastic thing about this activity is that I can easily sit in bed and do it at my over bed table. I can also pause part way through as long as I don’t disturb my project on the template. I’m always looking for activities I can do in bed as I spend a lot of time here (like now) as I’m often limited with how long I can sit at my craft desk or in a chair for due to my different symptoms, especially relating to my M.E.

I got into iris folding when I came across the Instagram account @prettyinpaperbyb and then my friend and pen pal Laura sent me an iris folded card with my initial ‘N’. A little while later I decided to by a beginners kit from @prettyinpaperbyb and after making the two cards I had fallen in love with iris folding. It was was so simple and easy to do and the instructions were easy to follow (when you actually follow them - I forgot on the second card and had to restart. I thought I’d got the hang of it but looking at the end result I realised I’d gone totally wrong!) Soon after that I bought the deluxe beginners kit (which I’d highly recommended buying you literally get everything and more to start iris folding) and the rainbow card making kit too as I love rainbows. 

So much thought goes into these kits in terms of what is included inside them, they truly are so lovely. Plus you’re supporting a small independent business. Also what I learnt from buying the kits is Bethan who is behind @prettyinpaperbyb has CFS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome herself. As a child her grandmother taught her iris folding and when she became ill she picked up this craft again to occupy herself. Today she’s turned it into a small business selling different kits, digital patterns, and other products for iris folding. Bethan also posts videos on social media of her creating different iris folding designs as well as tutorials.

If you’re a crafty person and you’re looking for something new to try or you’re a crafty person with limited energy I’d highly recommend trying out iris folding. My advice is to start off with beginners kit from Pretty in Paper by B - there’s lots of kits to choose from ranging in different budgets and to create different projects too. I’m sure you will enjoy this creative activity as much as I now do.