Sunday 12 November 2023

Book review: “My Beautiful Struggle” by Jordan Bone

Rating: ★★★★☆

At 15 Jordan was in a car accident that left her a quadriplegic. When Jordan first had her accident it was unknown if she would ever be able to move completely and would be laid in bed with her head in a halo keeping her head, neck and the top of her spine still. After an uncertain but successful lifesaving surgery to stabilise her neck fracture and lots of rehabilitation she began her new life. Thanks to the surgery she regained movement in her arms, some movement in her wrists but her hands remained clenched shut with the only limited use of her thumbs.

Jordan was determined to relearn how to relearn how to apply makeup and this became part of her rehabilitation. Let’s just say she’s totally nailed it when it comes to makeup. Yes she has to apply makeup a bit differently using her mouth to aid her hands but her makeup looks on her tutorials on her YouTube channel are AMAZING!

Each chapter of her book is named after a makeup product or look and Jordan has really cleverly woven in the theme of what she writes about in that chapter with its relation to the makeup product or look. 

What I liked about this book is that Jordan touches upon her accident and its lasting impact but she doesn’t overly focus on it. The book isn’t about her disability but it’s about her life, yes her injury plays a part but she also writes about her life in general and how her disability hasn’t stopped her from becoming successful through her YouTube channel and then onto collaborating with big brands such as being whisked off all expenses paid to NYC by the brand Urban Decay! Jordan has worked hard disability aside to become a successful young woman and her determination to be successful. To not let her disability beat or define her shines throughout her book.

In the book she also writes about the close relationship she has with her family and her boyfriend. It’s also clear that family means a lot to her. She even has her own purpose built home in her family’s back garden.

Sometimes she is asked about her disability such as about her hands in her makeup tutorials on YouTube as she edits out how she really does her makeup and just instead focuses on the look she’s filming. Jordan does touch upon the affects of her disability in the book such as needing carers when she travels to events and how her PAs do her hair for her as this isn’t something she’s able to herself. I could totally relate to Jordan on the the importance of having PAs for important care tasks but how it’s also wonderful to have carers who are also good at styling hair too!

It’s such a wonderful and uplifting book with many motivational passages written by Jordan that really clicked with me. It’s definitely not a ‘woe is me’ book about disability like some similar books to this that I’ve read. Jordan truly has embraced life to the fullest and has come out the other side going onwards and upwards there is no stopping her and I’m sure this book isn’t the end of her story.

One of the other added extras that I loved at the end of the book was Jordan’s beauty tips for skincare and makeup with tips and product recommendations. It’s definitely inspired me to get more adventurous with makeup and try out new looks and products and techniques.

I’d highly recommend checking out her YouTube channel and here’s a link to buying her book - it’s also available on Kindle.