Friday 8 December 2023

Looking forward to my first Christmas

My dream tree I saw
This year will be my first Christmas in my new home and I’m actually quite excited. I haven’t always been a Christmassy person but it’s growing upon me; I now even have Christmas bedding!

I’ve been dreaming of my dream tree for years which I saw a few years ago in a local garden centre and now I have my own home I can finally have the tree of my dreams!

Back in October Diane (my PA) and I went to Brigg Garden Centre as they have a massive Christmas collection. Yes October is a bit early to be thinking about Christmas but we went then before the madness began and it would be a calmer and quieter-ish day out, which it was. There wasn’t too many people which made it more manageable with my usual outing coping tools I use which made it a nice afternoon out. 

They have different tree theme collections in little clusters around the Christmas World collection including my dream tree collection so I was totally in my element once I came upon that looking at different tree ornaments and home decorations. My theme is different shades of dusky pinks, white, iridescent and gold-ish colours; they all blend together beautifully. There were so much I could have put into my basket but I had to think about my bank balance as some of the baubles and tree ornaments had quite a high number on the price tag! Plus my tree will be something I will buy for and add to each year so I just got a selection of special baubles and tree ornaments I liked alongside some generic baubles that go with my theme. 

I also managed to find a tree I liked, I wanted a pre-lit one; there wasn’t a lot of choice but I like what I chose and not having to mess around with fairy lights will be a real bonus.

Since going to Brigg I’ve collected some more baubles and tree ornaments.

Loving ballet I also associate Christmas with ballet as I always watch the ballet shown on TV on Christmas Day as well as my association with The Nutcracker so I’ve got a few ballet themed tree ornaments too. 

I’ve also crocheted in the yarn colours of my tree theme some stars to hang on my tree. Then the same yarn colours I sent to my friend Becca and she’s kindly knitted me 10 mini stockings for my tree. Then also for my tree someone who I know has custom made me a tree decoration in my theme colours and the tree ornament says ‘first Christmas in my new home 2023’. Both that and Becca’s decorations are really special as they’re handmade and the new home decoration is almost a celebration of my first Christmas here. It’s a big milestone for me.

I’m now just worrying (a) about my tree fitting in my front room and (b) my tree looking too sparse this year, I just hope I’ve got enough decorations (and my theme stays on trend in future years too).

At the weekend Dad’s coming to put my tree up so Diane and I can decorate it on Monday. It was Diane who offered to help me decorate and I think looking at her own tree she’s very good at decorating for Christmas. I also enjoy decorating the Christmas tree too.

I’m going to have Christmas Eve day and Boxing Day here on my own here to rest. I’m going to wake up here on Christmas Day but at some point go to Dad’s. 

It’ll be nice to have my own space this year so I can get away from sometimes how hectic the house can get at Dad’s, plus with my brother staying over that just got hectic written all over it!

So yes my first Christmas in my new home!