Tuesday 2 January 2024

6 years of blogging

Today marks 6 years since my first blog post way back in 2018. 

Since then my blog has grown a lot over that time and evolved as I have. Back then my blog was named ‘Diary of a Zebra’ and had very much a diary format sharing my life and mostly what went on with my health. Nowadays however I’ve moved away from being defined by my chronic illnesses and disabilities; I’m still happy to say that I’m chronically ill or disabled but I don’t feel it necessary to chronicle things like ED admissions or write about hospital appointments. I still feel it’s important to write about my illnesses and to raise awareness of them but just in a different way; a way I feel is more healthy. Sometimes I’ve thought about taking down those old posts as they’re not ‘me’ anymore and not what I consider productive or healthy but at the same time my blog shows how I’ve changed over time. I also share less guest blog post too. Some of the guest posts like my old blog posts I’d consider unhealthy but I wanted to give people a space to have a voice and my blog was their platform to share their writings.

These days I more focus on a topic or awareness event and write about that. You may also notice that I post a lot less, this is mostly due to a decline in my health. I still love blogging and I want to continue writing when I’m able to to help raise awareness on topics I feel passionate about and to bring more awareness around the illnesses I have, something that is very much lacking especially when it comes to M.E. or indeed all of my current diagnoses.

I hope, health permitting, and to be more organised as well, to hopefully blog a little more this year than I did last year.

I feel grateful to the M.E. Champion Bloggers and being a member of that community as it gives my blog a bit of recognition as well as the occasional publications of my blogs in the M.E. Association’s membership magazine as well as the access to the group on Facebook (when I actually log on!).

So here is to another year of blogging ahead. 

PS - I still do accept selective guest posts so if you would like to write something for my blog you can contact me on the menu at the top of homepage.