Tuesday 29 November 2022

Christmas gift ideas

I thought I'd put together a list of some gift ideas that are low cost; some of which are DIY/handmade gifts and I'll sort them into different categories.


  • Fluffy socks, foot masks and foot cream - this is a DIY gift that I've put together
  • Face masks and a novelty headband - another DIY gift I've
  • Shower gel and a shower scrunchie
  • DIY nail polish set - base coat, top coat, coloured and effect polishes e.g. glitter
  • Hair scrunchies - you could sew your own if you're able to (by hand or on a machine)


  • Writing sets - (I've actually made my own as a gift before)
  • Pens and pencil case - you could block print or sew a pencil case if you are able to
  • Weekly planner pad for the year with pens


  • Hot chocolate stir sticks set - you can even get dairy free ones
  • Make your own selection sets with the person's favourite sweets or treats that are free from if they have allergies

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  • Mitts and a hat/headband - especially if it's hand knitted or crocheted
  • Fun printed socks - Accessorize often do fun socks often with an offer
  • Fluffy socks

Other items