Tuesday 22 November 2022

My Christmas card fundraiser for Action for M.E.

Instagram post screen shot. Photograph of a caucasian young woman holding handmade Christmas cards. in the bottom corner is the hashtag fundraising Friday.
My Christmas card fundraiser has gone so so well! I'm so proud out myself for what I've achieve through this little project that I set out on not really expecting much. Its been wonderful to receive orders not just from friends but form strangers too!

In total I've raised £76! This will help Action for M.E. with projects like their Christmas Angels project, and their 'Listen to M.E,' support line as well as their other advocacy and campaign work helping to give people with M.E. a voice. It's a really special charity to me.

Last Friday I get featured in the charity's social media Fundraising Friday - see the post here.

I'm now no longer taking orders and I'm just working on this final order that I got asked to make 20 cards for. I've had some big orders - this is my second 20 card order and I've had one or two (brain fog is getting the better of me) orders for 10 cards then smaller orders such as 4 cards.

This is one quote I gave to Action for M.E. to to fundraising team:

“I feel incredibly proud of myself as it has been a challenge. It might not be running a marathon but for me this has been my marathon especially with my M.E. to deal with and it has been tough."

This is so true. With my M.E. this has been a fundraising challenge to get through orders as I'm limited with my energy and the time I can spend crafting. Usually I can only make one card a day, two at a push depending on what I'm making. Sometimes cards take even longer to complete especailly with me being a bit of a perfectionist, but I want people to love the cards that they've bought from me.

I hope this fundraiser shows people with M.E. that they can still fundraise but in smaller ways and I already have palsy to do something similar so watch this space!