Tuesday 19 November 2019

What is Self-Care // Self-Care Week 2019

Self-care is looking after your mind and body to support your physical, social, emotional and intellectual wellbeing.

We could engage in self-care by eating healthily, exercise like going for a walk, attend an activity group, talk with a counsellor or take time out of the day of a spot of mindfulness.

The dictionary definition of self-care is:

Self-care is good for us as it empowers us to take control and look after ourselves and be more self-reliant and become resilient both interns of of physical health as well as our mental health. Self-care also helps catch problems early and prevents problems from getting worse. You don't need to be ill to engage in self-care, intact it's better to engage in self-care to prevent problems occurring int the first place, especially when it come to our mental health.