Thursday 21 November 2019

30 things to put into a self-care box // Self-Care Week 2019

Self-care boxes are a great tool to keep to hand for when we need moments or prompts to keep calm and look after yourself. Anyone can benefit from having a self-care box. From things that bring us comfort, bring up special memories or help ground up and calm our mind in a moment of crisis.

  1. A mini comfort blanket
  2. Headphones
  3. Tangles or other fidgets
  4. Aromatherapy oil or aromatherapy oil roller to put on pressure points or aromatherapy oil spray
  5. A weighted lap blanket
  6. Tea, hot chocolate or coffee sachets
  7. Colouring book
  8. Felt-tip pens or pencil crayons
  9. Puzzle books, sticker-by-numbers or giant dot-to-dot books
  10. List pad to write down coping skills as a visual reminder or to write a 'now and next plan'
  11. An elastic band - this can help those who struggle with self-harm
  12. Lip balm and/or hand cream
  13. Fluffy socks
  14. A packet of tissues
  15. A list of numbers and people/organisations you can contact such as friends, local crisis team or organisation like the Samaritans, Mind or Papyrus UK
  16. A 'Where's Wally' book
  17. Special memories such as a card or letter or photographs
  18. Mindfulness activities
  19. A tea bag to smell and hold to help with grounding
  20. Miniature puzzles like a miniature lego figure you can concentrate on and build
  21. Kinetic or magic sand
  22. A small soft toy
  23. A notebook to write and draw how you are feeling
  24. A favourite DVD or CD
  25. Your iPod or MP3 player
  26. Nail polish
  27. A 'Calm Jar' or snow/glitter globe
  28. Sensory tactile items like a spiky ball, play-doh, a koosh ball, squidgy mesh ball or glitter slime
  29. A favourite book or comic
  30. A favourite snack or hard boiled sweets or a lolly

A photograph of one of my self-care boxes