Sunday 24 November 2019

Nourish You Social Life // Self-Care Week 2019

Looking after our social wellbeing is just as an important part of self-care as looking after our physical and emotional well being.

Being connected to other people is vital, it helps us to feel valued and boosts our confidence and self-esteem.

Some of the things we can do as part of social selfceare is spend time with family and friends like having a games or film night or having a meal together, going to hobby groups to meet new people etc, attending places of worship etc, going out for coffee or a cinema trip or have a DIY paper session with your friend.

Social self-care is important, but also difficult to those who are chronically ill. I know this from my own experience. Being mostly housebound and only really leaving the hose for medical importance takes it toll on my social self-care, especially when you see the same few faces week-in, week-out, but finding other who understand your help needs can help and even when meeting friends in person can be difficult there are alternative ways of still being able to engage in self-care.

Even just sending someone a text or talking over FaceTime or Skype can be a way of socialising with others to was isolation. For me personally I love writing letters, it's a fun and creative way to connect with others and it gives me that social contact I'm not able to do much of in person.

Other things you could do is find a common interest group either online or if you want to try and get out more you could go to your local library of community centre might where they may have some good resources for you interns of finding a group, they may even hold some groups there. This can vary from craft groups, coffee mornings, physical activities like dance or yoga, cookery or gardening.