Friday 15 June 2018

St George's Hospital Admission - Day 5 - En Route and Home

Busy start to the day. Still having myoclonic spasms. Just finished packing my suitcase and making sure I haven't forgotten anything (which has brought up my normally low pulse and blood pressure to within an acceptable range). I'm now just resting with a coffee and a BBC documentary on the Suffragettes waiting for the Drs to come and do ward round as I have a few questions to ask and also for the neurophysiologist to come and take off my EEG wires. Once I've had them taken off the nursing assistant is going to take me to the bathroom for a wash (and hoping a hair wash!) and then transport is taking me home around 12pm.

So the neurophysiologist who's been looking after me this week came and some my head in a tone of acetone to take of the electrodes and also on the electrodes stuck to my forehead and arms. 

After that I headed off to the shower and had a nice hot shower and hair wash but I've got red sores of my arms and forehead from the acetone and electrodes so I feel a bit self conconcious of the bit red sore on the middle of my for head. Whist in the shower transport turned up early but they went off for coffee to give me time to finish getting showered, dressed and dried. It was all a bit of a mad rush from then on. The nursing assistant insisted on blow drying my hair to take off some of the dampness and then it was packing the last few things that I had out like my laptop and putting my lunch bag together and making up my water bottle and a coffee to go and taking my lunch time meds and ensuring I took my meds home with me (though I later realised that I left my oramorph behind) etc. I was getting a bit flustered and panicked wanting the ensure that I hadn't left anything behind.

It was then onto the stretcher and I was so glad that I brought a blanket and my pillow with me and a moment of fresh air for the first time since Monday before being loaded into the ambulance. The ambulance crew wanted to get off as soon as possible due to the long journey ahead.

As it was a different patient transport service taking me home I gave them the low-down on my seizures and where my emergency Stickman Communication © file was located etc and off we went! We took a pit stop as some services, not sure where in the country though and went to the loo and bought a coffee. The crew member sat in the back with me was nice. I listened to some music and slept most of the way home exhausted from the night before. 7 hrs later we arrived home! 

Once home I had (literally) a box of mail waiting for me, though some of it is birthday post and also in there was some beads from the 'Warrior Beads' project (which I need to sort out and will probably write a blog post all about at some point - so many blog ideas; not enough time or energy to type!)

I had tea when I got in and it was nice to eat something that wasn't jacket potato and salad! I then did some un packing but got tired so came and watched this morning's episode of 'Crimewatch Roadshow' in the sun room. And here I am now just typing this post and ready to head to bed.

I still had a ton of glue in my hair so tomorrow's task is to soak my hair in the hair treatment mask that I bought at the vegan festival as it's cocoanut oil based and the neurophysiologist suggested that I use oil to get rid of the glue. I also have the rest of my unpacking to to tomorrow and to order a new wash bag as the zip on mine has broken. I also need to sort out my meds tray as it all over the place from being used in hospital as one day they where using my own meds, then it was that they can't take medication out of pharmacy trays then back to using my own meds. 

Now for bed as I'm shattered!

Oh, when I released on the ambulance that I had left my oramorph behind I hoped it would have been delivered this week as I ordered it last week but it hadn't so I called them and they're going to deliver it on Monday so I'm just keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I won't need it over the weekend!

I've now migrated upstairs to bed and how lovely it is to be back in my own bedroom in the quiet, though I do miss my profiling bed and air mattress. Already I've noticed how much weaker I am from being in bed since Monday; only making the short trips to the bathroom. I can't yet manage the stairs and my legs keep buckling. Back to my physio exercises tomorrow but for now bed and sleep!