Sunday 10 June 2018

All set and ready to go!

Last Tuesday (5th June) I got 'the call' that i'd been waiting for for almost a year. A call to saty that I would be admitted to St. Georges Hospital in London for my video telemetry test. That morning I'd called the Neurology Services Manager to say that I had an appointment with Professor Edwards at the beginning of July and I still hadn't had my video telemetry which I needed the result of for my appointment. He said leave with him and that afternoon I received a called from the Admissions co-ordinator to say that there had been a cancellation and could I come in last minute on Monday 11th. Not wanting to turn down the slot I agreed. I was all a bit made from that point. Cancelling next week's appointments, trying to find out when I'd be admitted so I can book patient transport, starting to pack my bags, asking on social media advice on what to pack for a planned hospital admission etc.

Well now I'm all packed and ready to go. I'm feeling VERY anxious for numerous reasons... I'm anxious about being in hospital after bad experiences being in hospital locally but I'm hoping that being on a specialist neurology ward will be better than my experiences of say being on an acute admissions ward; I'm anxious about being in a bay with other patients, again from previous bad experiences, I'm also worried about it flaring up my anxiety and M.E.; I'm worried in case i've forgotten to pick everything despite Mandy going though my suitcase with me; I'm not looking forward to the early start tomorrow; I'm not quite sure what to expect and I'm hoping that my clothing will be suitable as I have no button-up clothing as they suggested I bring; I'm anxious about catering for my dietary needs, though with Mandy working in hospital catering she keeps reassuring me that they will be able to find me something; I'm anxious about being away from home. So many anxieties. My care co-ordinator just told me to take things day by day and when I arrived explain then my care needs and wishes rather than keep calling them in my anxiety to make sure they are prepared for me. She also said that I can call her during the week if I'm needing some support which was nice and much appreciated. I've also typed up a care needs and wishes piece of paper to put in my file so whoever is looking after me can see it and be aware of what support I need so they can try and support me as best as possible to make the week as best as possible as to look at me its not always that obvious that I need help and support with certain things.

Mandy and I have gone through my luggage so hopefully I now have everything I need; just a few things left to pack in the morning like chargers and my pillow and I'm pretty sure I have plenty to keep me occupied. I feel like I've way over packed but I've got plenty of spares like extra t-shirts etc. And some thing like my food items will be gone by Friday.

I've called the ward and my bed is still free and I check about clothing and t-shirts should be fine and I'm allowed bedding so there wasn't;t need to take my onesie thank goodness as tat one less big item to take. I've also called patient transport who are going to pick me up around 6.25am (though I'm going to be ready for 6am) and my alarm is set for 5am (*fingers crossed* I wake up).

I'm going to pay for wi-fi as it see it as a sanity keeping essential so I'm planning on writing so blog posts such as what is a video telemetry test and keep you posted on how the week goes and do my One Second Every Day journal etc.