Wednesday 13 June 2018

St George's Hospital Admission - Day 3


Good news! I'm going to be here until Friday, now the wait for me to have a tonic seizure or two or three.

Seen the neurophysiologist again briefly who gave me the news and she comes every day to restart to EEG tape.

Also seen the Dr in ward round and there's the possibility of putting a canna in me just in case I go into status seizures so they can give me IV Diazepam and other medications but so far that hasn't happened. My nurse yesterday made a request for me to have a cannula but the Dr on didn't want to unnecessarily cannulate me due to the risks like sepsis so I just need to wait and see if they'll cannulate me today or not. I've asked the charge nurse and he's going to chase it up.

So far today I've had a quick wash and got into my day clothes and watched some TV on my laptop and i'm starting to get into the routine of things.

The dietician always appears at the right time and she's getting me some more oat milk as I'm drinking plenty of coffee. I'm using some little flavoured coffee sachets that Mandy got me so thats a nice little treat.

Having an electric bed is amazing and it would be so great to have one at home, especially when I'm having my poorly days. The are mattress is also great and helping with my pain and keeping those pesky bed sores at bay.

I love having the student nurses to chat to and also o help them learn about my illnesses.

I've been quite tired today so this afternoon I've had a nap with some music.

I'm so glad that I've brough my ear defenders as it makes things a bit quieter and calmer for me and I've just been keeping my sunglasses on.


So I've had my first tonic-clonic seizure and they gave my buccal midazlolam. When I cam out the seizure I was in rigid spasm and I'm still in spam now; currently waiting for the Dr to come and see me. I got given some oramorph for the pain when I was more with it. Because I was in spasm I had to be fed but the student nurse and she was so lovely and I also needed the student nurse and nursing assistant had to use a slide sheet to move me up the bed. It was difficult as I felt like my illness took so much independence away from me. 

One of my favourite nurses is on tonight which is a bonus.

I've also developed a headache so I'm just in the process in being dispensed some co-codamol and see if that helps if not Sumatriptan to the rescue!

As well as the spasms which as super painful, not fun and annoying and difficult to do things like type and drink I'm also havingmore myoclonic seizures, probably from the pain.

I'd like to do my sticker by numbers book but my hands are a but uncooperative so I'm just watching some TV, 


Shattered and ready for sleep. Still is spasm and just had some more oramorph. My nurse is wonderful and very understanding of how much pain and how unfordable I am, especially after what the on call Dr said which I'll get to in the next sentence. 

So the on call Dr came and was understanding of how no nice my situation was but he didn't want to give me any medication like diazepam which may reduce my seizure activity which would hider the reason why I'm here which is to capture as many seizures as possible. He said give it a couple of hours and he'll come see me if there's no change. My nurse has helped me change position and is going to keep me topped up with pain relief like she's just given me the ira-morph just now and I'm hoping my night meds will also kick in and help too. I'm a little upset that the Dr didn't do anything or my spasms as it's my full body, painful and annoying and been over 4 hrs now but I can see where he's coming from.

My seizure earlier didn't;t have as strong an aura as I've had in the past so I'm hoping I'm might have one of those tomorrow or Friday.

Now for Stephen Fry to read me Harry Potter and try and sleep.