Monday 11 June 2018

St. George's Hospital Admission - Day 1

So I'm here! I woke up at 5am and patient transport arrived around 6am. We had a pit stop at Peterborough Services for the loo and coffee and we got here around 1pm. Travel was a bit problematic as they forgot the stretcher so the transport crew set up a duvet on the floor of the ambulance and put my pillow there and got a blanket out. For part of the journey I traveled laid on the floor like this but they're going to ensure that I have a stretcher going home.

One of the first things that got done when i arrived was speak with the dietician who sorted out my dietary needs so now as I typed I have a nice flavoured coffee with oat milk and I've had a Naomi friendly tea.

Next was setting up the EEG wires which required a trip downstairs to neurophysiology so now i'm all plugged up and have a video camera watching me. I'll do a pot all about video telemetry tests and EEG's.

I've also been put on a air moving pressure relieving mattress as I'm glued to my bed and to prevent pressure sores as my skin is more fragile due to my hypermobility.

I've purchased wifi for essential sanity keeping and so I can keep up with my blogging and watch catch-up TV etc.

So far the staff have been great at meeting my needs and the bay I'm on isn't as noisy as I expected though I'm keeping my sunglasses on but thankfully they don't have florescent lighting.

I've also met with the Dr who went through my medication, medical history, list of diagnosis', neuro exam, heart and chest listen etc.

There's been a slight hiccup in the arrangements which has unsettled me a bit. I was told and expecting to be here until Friday but when I went to get my EEG wires fitted I was put down as only being here until Wednesday and another patient is due to be coming after me on Wednesday. They're going to check with Professor Edwards whether he wants me here longer but I'm worried that 48 hrs won't be long enough for me to record a tonic-clonic seizure and there's a possibility that I may need to come back again for another video telemetry admission so I'm really hoping that I will be staying for the 5 days but only time will tell. I'm trying not to worry too much and feel unsettled. I'll speak with Dad later and let him know how I am and the change in the plan. 

For now I'm going to make the most in my internet and watch some catch-up TV on my laptop and try and distract myself and keep myself in the hear and now and use my DBT skills.