Tuesday 12 June 2018

St George's Hospital Admission - Day 2

The business of the day started around 8am. I step well and the air mattress is really comfortable and helping with my hip pain which is a bonus.

The pharmacist came as the nurses was querying about my dose tray as they don't know what's what in is and also where to store it as it has my zomorph (slow release morphine) tablets in it.

My nurse today has made my bed area seizure proof putting padding on the bed sides and clearing access so they can reach things like the code red button, suction, O2 etc.

The neurophysiologist has also come to see me and she's going to come and do a strobe light test at some point to see if there's any effect on my seizures and brain activity.

I've kept myself occupied with my blog, catch-up TV and a fab sticker-by-numbers book that I found on Amazon.

Just in the middle of typing this I've heard back from my nurse that this will be a 48hr video telemetry as they can;t find the paperwork that requested a 5 day admission so I'm feeling a bit down and disappointed as Professor Edwards wanted to capture a couple of tonic-clonic seizures and that's unlikely to happen in 48hrs and its taken 11 months to get this admission so it's possible that I may have to come back. The nurse said that she tried to fight my corner and I've asked to speak with the Drs to express my worries and need for a longer admission.

The staff continue to be amazing in meeting my needs and helping me out and often it's the small things like answering the call bell quickly and getting my meds to me on time and not waiting too long for pain relief etc.

I've just had a little meltdown getting upset over the change in the admission and my two nurses where lovely reassuring me and empathising with my situation.

3.40pm UPDATE

Seen the neurophysiologist and we did a strobe test and a deep breathing test but no seizures.

Still waiting to see the registrar to discuss how long I'll be here for. For now I'm just going to watch '24 hrs in Police Custody' and do some more sticker-by-numbers.

One of the chaplains also came to see me after I called them this morning and we had a brief chat and prayer and read a few verses of the bible which was comforting, especially as I have no visitors from home.

I had a slight wobble/meltdown as I would like to stay until Friday by which I'll hopefully have had 1 or 2 tonic-clonic seizures and I didn't want them to take the EEG wires off in the morning and have a less than 48 hr recording with no TC seizure for Professor Edwards to make a proper diagnosis and plan. The staff was very reassuring and empathetic and have been trying to fight my corner for me to stay and th neurophysiologist also said that she was me to stay for 5 days too. Part of the issue is the referral request for a 5 day admission can't be found so they're going on the referral request for a 48 hr video telemetry.


Professor Edwards, my neurologist, is going to come and see me to make the decision on how long I'll be here for. So far I haven't had any tonic-clonic seizures.

I've got stomach ache so currently curled up with my heat pad and my laptop.

With regards to transport rather than use transport from home I'll be taken home by the transport team here so I don't need to worry about them coming to pick me up tomorrow and having to go back home without me because it's been decided I'm stating in longer.

I'm feeling quite tired so I'm just waiting for my 10om meds and someone to help me into my pj's then I think I'll put on some Harry Potter and go to sleep.