Tuesday 8 March 2022

How my PA supports and enables me | YouTube video [CC]

Diane is my PA (Personal Assistant). I filmed this vlog over 3 days to share with you the many different ways in which Diane supports and enables me to live my life, from helping wash and dress, to going out and getting coffee to taking me to hospital appointments. Diane has been my PA for nearly a year now and we get on really well which is what you need from a PA as you spend so much time with them. We've never yet run out of things to talk about and we can have a laugh about things too. Even though we do seemingly fun things like going for coffee it's benefitting my social and emotional wellbeing as the vast majority of the time I'm housebound (the week filmed was very very unusual as I went out twice that week - normally I only go out once a week max). Also I need Diane's support when I do go out because of my medical needs such as when I had a seizure at the hospital (probably because my body was exhausted from leaving the house). Also with Diane being my PA for a while now she has become attuned to my routine and care needs from what toiletries I like to go together to managing my health care needs like when I have seizures or pass out. 

Before Diane came along I didn't know anything about the role of a PA and now I can see what a rewarding job it can be as Diane supports and enhances my life so much and in so many ways, even if it is just enabling me to enjoy a nice long hot bath. Becoming a PA isn't for everyone but it's a career I would encourage people to look into.

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