Tuesday 19 January 2021

What I've been loving lately

Let's say that things aren't so great at the moment and we're also in our third lockdown but aside from the negativity that's going on in my life and further afield there have been things that I have been loving lately...

Letters from Pen Pals & Friends

Receiving mail never fails to cheer me up and equally I love sending mail too. It's equally as lovely to her from the people I'm in regular touch with as well as people that I here from every so often. Once again my notice board as big as it is if filling up fast again with the things I received in the mail. Aside from the letters are the messages I get from friends over text, WhatsApp or Instagram and I now feel that the people who are in my life now are a really good

Jigsaw Puzzles

With a little help from my Dad and stepmum I've completed a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. I love doing jigsaw puzzles but they can be a challenge to do but when I in the midst of doing a jigsaw puzzle  always remember how much I love them so I've set myself the challenge to do another.

My Apple Watch has Arrived!

For Christmas I asked for some money towards an Apple Watch. I was needing a new watch as my medi watch died and I thought that a smart watch would be a good up upgrade as it would help me through it's reminders and alarms and timers and having access to my calendar etc. I've only had it a short while but so far I'm in love and I'm glad that changed my mind on what watch I was going for; instead I've gone for a silver case which I now see as being more universal in terms of matching outfits and I've going for a fabric stretchy 'solo loop' strap and it's really comfortable and I don't have a buckle in the way.

Organising my Blog and YouTube Channel for the Year Ahead

I've already started planning posts and what videos I might be doing and researching some new ideas and taking inspiration from Pinterest as well as other bloggers and YouTubers. I got a bullet journal kit for Christmas so I'm using that as my planning book.

Positive Appointments

For the professionals that I am in touch with at the moment I feel so grateful for their support. The appointments/contact I've been having recently whether they're consultant/nurse appointments I have every 6/12 months, more regular appointments or just contact from a clinician these appointments and contacts have been going well and I feel supported and like we're heading in a good direction despite the fact that the majority of my care is on hold because of the coronavirus situation.

Cuddles with Flop

Cuddles with my guinea pig Flop is always something that I love especially when he gets really talkative and nestles into my arm.

Wire Headbands and Braids

I came across wire headbands as a disability hack so I bought one to try them out and I am loving them. They are so easy to put on and they look super stylish and there are so many online to choose from that I may have to order myself some more.

I'm also loving braiding my hair at the moment and I've learnt a few new hair styles some from my friend Bex's YouTube channel. Braiding my hair help keep it out of the way and from getting knotty especially as I desperately need to go to the hairdressers and haven't had it cut for nearly 18 months! But also because it only gets washed once a week as I rely upon my Dad to wash my hair at the moment.

Three images. To the left is a black, white and tan guinea pig being held in someone's arm, on the middle is a completed jigsaw puzzle showing illustrated images of Moomin characters, the image on the right is an open plain canvas bag with stationary items and coming out of the canvas bag is a book.