Tuesday 12 January 2021

A big thank you to Smile for M.E

Last Friday I received a surprise in the post... A parcel from the charity Smile for M.E.

Smile for M.E began in 2012 with Alice (who has M.E herself) her friend Grace and the support of their families. Their aim is to bring a smile to people of all ages affected by M.E as well as carers and family.

In my parcel from Smile for M.E I received a lavender microwave heatie zebra, a pair of very cosy fluffy socks, a Moomin colouring book and some felt tip pens. 

What was chosen for me couldn't have been any more perfect and I am so so so grateful for my parcel. I've been wearing my socks every day and my heatie zebra has been helping me with my pain as well as providing me with lots of cuddles and I hope when I'm able to to do come colouring.

For me living with M.E is very isolating; not just feely physically or socially isolated because I'm housebound but I often feel forgotten about. I am hidden away from the world and most professionals don't know how to help me or the care/support that I need isn't available (only made worse by the coronavirus situation).

Letters from pen pals and friends go a long way and projects like Smile for M.E help me feel remembered; like I do exist and I am thought about and that I am cared about and that I do matter in this world.

To find out more about Smile for M.E click their logo above. On their website you can also find the nomination for if you know someone with M.E who would befit from a Smile.