Tuesday 18 August 2020

50 Things to put into a letter

There's nothing better than getting create and writing a letter to a friend and I love putting little extras into my letters as a little surprise for when they receive it.

So here is a list of a few ideas you can create to pop into an envelope next time you write to someone.
  1. Write a 'mail tag' asking your pen pals questions about themselves
  2. A mini quiz on a favourite topic of your pen pal's
  3. Write a mini playlist of songs or TV programs 
  4. A mini envelope with a little message inside
  5. A teabag, coffee sachet or hot chocolate sachet (don't send these internationally)
  6. Origami
  7. Word puzzles - I personally like to make up my own word searches but I also sometimes put in a page from a puzzle book or a sudoko or occasionally I've printed things like mazes
  8. Have a game of noughts and crosses between your pen pal
  9. Another pen pals of mine also recently put in a game of 4-in-a-row which was quite fun
  10. Colouring in pages. I bought a mini colouring book and that was really good to pop into letters. Sometimes on repetitive patterns I also cut out a smaller section of the page
  11. Quotes - either ones you've found online or one you've hand lettered
  12. A poem
  13. A jazzy paperclip - Pinterest has lots of ideas to make ones yourself with ribbon or washi tap
  14. Washi tape samples
  15. Samples of some stickers
  16. Diary or planner stickers
  17. A postcard of where you live or from a recent day out or holiday or one you've made yourself or acquired
  18. Photographs for example  this could be of somewhere you live, your pet, a recent holiday snap etc
  19. Funky post-it notes or page makers post-its
  20. A bookmark - some ideas could be to make an origami bookmark or handmade one yourself or one you've acquired and would like to share with your pen pal
  21. A bracelet you've made
  22. Write 'top 10 list' such as your top ten books, films, songs etc
  23. Random facts
  24. A ticket of somewhere you've been recently such as a tourist attraction, the theatre or the cinema
  25. A packet of flower seeds (don't send these internationally)
  26. A small piece of crochet or knitting such as a small crochet star or flower or reusable cotton pad
  27. Something you've made such as a hair scrunchie, lavender pillow, earring, a ring or a piece of weaving (check what you can send internationally)
  28. A coaster
  29. Cosmetics or toiletries samples like a body lotion packet sample (check what you can send internationally)
  30. A comic strip or clip from a newspaper
  31. Coins
  32. Interesting or unusual stamps or airmail stickers
  33. A drawing or doodle
  34. A map of where you live or somewhere you've been
  35. A sentence story game - you write the first part of a story and fold it over and your pen pal will write the next sentence of the story and fold it over to return to you to continue the game
  36. Similar to the sentence story game this one you draw a picture or a person or creature - the first part is to draw the head and neck, then the next person draws the arms and torso, your pen pal returns it to you to draw the waist and knees and finally you return it to your penal to draw the knees and feet
  37. A small sweet (don't send these internationally)
  38. Paper confetti
  39. Gift tags
  40. A recipe
  41. Letter writing paper and/or and envelope
  42. Iron-on patches
  43. Magnets
  44. Button badges
  45. If your pen pals keeps a scrapbook or journal you could send them some bits for their scrapbook or journal
  46. Buttons
  47. A zine
  48. A miniature collage
  49. Paint colour sample cards
  50. Fold-out origami fortune teller