Tuesday 1 September 2020

September Monthly Make - Wire Ring

This month I thought I'd show you how to make a simple wire ring. In the YouTube video I've put links to places where I but my basic supplies. If you want to give it a go it would cost much to buy the start-up materials to see if you enjoy it and then you can invest in more beads and different wires - that's what I did. I'd just buy some basic 3-in-1 mini pliers, silver wire and a small selection of beads.

(Some beads can be bought in my Etsy shop too - more to come with a discount code for views of my blog coming soon) so subscribe to my blog to see when I publish that discount code. Normally I'm more organised with my blog and Monthly Makes but this make I've been working on it all day as I didn't want to miss it as I realised that I didn't publish a post on Tuesday (life and health has just gotten int he way recently), but I'm working on some draft posts to set up to auto-publish each Tuesday as a while back I seemed to have collected enough draft posts to publish weekly and I want to try and keep up with that.

The camera work on this tutorial isn't great but hopefully it will show you enough to show you how to make a simple ring. If you would like to see some different styles of wire rings on my YouTube just leave a comment on YouTube. There are other craft tutorials on YouTube too and if you subscribe to my channel it will keep you up-to-date with new videos.

For now I need pj's and my bed! Happy crafting.