Saturday 24 August 2019

Tips for staying cool this summer

As we're set to have another heatwave here are some tips on coping with the heat.
  1. Drink more fluids than normal
  2. Put ice into your drinks
  3. Keep a bottle of water/juice in the fridge or freezer
  4. Keep sunny windows closed during the day, and open windows at night when the temperature has dropped
  5. Keep blinds/curtains closed or partially closed
  6. Avoid staying outside during peak times (11am - 3pm)
  7. Check what medications you are taking as some can increase your sensitivity to sunlight. If you're unsure call your pharmacy.
  8. Wear light and loose fitting clothes
  9. Wear a hat when outdoors and apply high SPF sun cream and reapply this every 60-90 minutes
  10. Wear UV sunglasses, if you wear prescription sunglasses get a UV filters made on them
  11. Put a bowel of ice in front of an desktop air fan
  12. Wet a funnel for your forehead or towel and put it around your necka
  13. Have cooler showers/baths
  14. Spend your day in cooler rooms, especially for sleeping/napping
  15. Make you own lollies. You can cheaply buy lolly moulds and fill them with things like fresh fruit juice, smoothies or dilute juice.