Tuesday 20 August 2019

#PlasticStrawBan with Jessica Kellgren-Fozard // What's Wrong with Reusable Straws [CC]

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard​ just sums up the plastic straw ban perfectly in how is affects some disabled people including myself. I couldn't make a better video if I tried.

As an essential plastic straw user who has seizures, involuntary movements, allergies, weak or spilted wrists and POTS (resulting in needing to lay down and drink a lot) along with a bunch of other stuff straws allow me to keep hydrated without wearing my drink.

Jessica speaking out on this issue is so important to me. Like Jessica I've received a lot of negativity taking about the straw ban and how it affects me, or receiving comments like "I'm disabled and I don't need straws" or the many suggestions telling me about x,y,z, alternatives which don't work for me and then getting tired and bored repeating myself and having to explain why x,y,z, aren't suitable. 

What I found so odd is recently I went to a well known coffee shop (I won't name who) but I put a fruit pot which was in a plastic tub and I got a plastic fort to eat with and my coffee came with a plastic lid, yet... I got a paper straw! Where is the sense in that. Oh and my straw fell to pieces in my drink, yuck! Plus there was no recycling bin in sight for all my plastic.

Thank you so so much Jessica!

(Oh and thank you Jessica for reminding me to change the straw I keep in my bag!)

PS: I do reuse my plastic straws until they are no longer usable and when I do I cut them horizontally and into little pieces.