Monday 19 August 2019

World Photography Day 2019

Today is World Photography Day. They can be artistic or capture moments in time. They can show aspects of who we are and they can be a form of communication and we live in a world of imagery in an online age.

Here is a collage of photographs I've taken over time...

Image description (starting from the left corner going down in columns)
  1. A photograph of myself with brown hair, glasses and a colourful woollen scarf
  2. A red postbox with mail being held ready to be posted
  3. A bottle of Diet Coke with the name 'Naomi' in red letters on the bottle
  4. Two postcards, a pen, scissors and colourful tape
  5. An entrance ticket with yellow flowers and in white text is reads 'Royal Botanical Garden, Kew' 
  6. On a wooden floor a pair of pink satin ballet pointe shoes
  7. A bright purple cornflower
  8. A white, brown and tan guinea pig looking up at the camera
  9. A green succulant plant inside a hedgehog shaped plant pot
  10. A brown donkey with a white muzzle
  11. A photograph of me an my dad. I have read hair and dark glasses, my Dad is wearing a striped top, sunglasses and a navy baseball cap
  12. My giant notice board filled with a collection of different items. Around the notice board are coloured lights.
  13. A tan and black small dog nestled in a duvet
  14. The Hogwarts Express train which is a scarlet red and black steam engine. Leaning on the train is my Dad in a red jumper and jeans.
  15. A zen garden with sand and green plants.