Thursday 28 March 2019

A&E - Positive experiences so far this year

So far this year I've had a few admissions to A&E including today and a few paramedic call-outs were I've bee able to stay at home and so far this year things have been better than my experiences that I had last year.

My first experience of A&E this year I was already at the hospital having an appointment with the orthopaedic clinic getting my knee brace fitted and things are a bit blurry but I got good care then which made a pleasant change.

I then had a few call-outs at home. One call I was with my carer and the fast response paramedic came and gave me some Entonox and some of my own diazepam and even though my seizures didn't subside completely I like to avoid A&E as much as possible but things have calmed down enough for the paramedic to be happy enough to leave me at home with someone with me and my friend was popping round so she took over from my carer and sorted me out and we had a nice catch-up which was a much needed distraction and then my step-mum came home.

Today I had my appointment at Orchard Barn. Whilst waiting for my taxi to go home I had a few tonic-clonic seizures without warning and then like usual when I came round was having continual myoclonic seizures. I was quite postictal (the altered state of consciousness I'm in post seizure) and my speech was also stuttering. I'd dislocated my hip and shoulder. Dr Sally gave my some of my morphine but I was still in a lot of pain and kept going back into tonic-clonic seizures, probably because of the pain, so they called for an ambulance. The staff at Orchard Barn was great. The put pillows and towels around me to support me and put a cold flannel on my forehead to cool me down and they was really calm which was just what I need and the called my step-mum a couple of times.

The fast response car came first and he gave me some Entonox and IV diazepam and called for an ambulance crew. Using a scoop to get me onto the stretcher they got me into the ambulance. A&E was rather busy but I was still postictal and my brain had gone AWOL. I was initially in the ambulance handover bay. I spoke with my step-mum on my phone and she arrived not long after and stayed with me in A&E which was lovely of her. By this point I'd been moved to a spot in the corridor. A Dr came to take some bloods, unfortunately my veins are rubbish and I was still having myoclonic seizures in my arms so she had to put a cannula in my foot.
After a short wait got sorted out with some IV cyclizine and the off x-ray we went. They was going to take me to x-ray earlier but I asked if I could go after I'd had some anti-sickness meds.
When we got back we was in the corridor for a little longer and then I was moved to a room and I was finally given some more pain relief. I've been trying hard not to ask staff too much for things as I know they'll get round to me when they're ready but it's not nice when you're in pain and waiting for medication. 
Thankfully today that gave me all of my meds IV which on my care needs and wishes list as in acute settings it's what I need to to my poor absorption of tablets. 
The nurse looking after me was lovely as was the main Dr taking care of me. Dislocations sorted my bloods where okay, well borderline okay but that's normal for me though my haemoglobin was pretty low but the Dr just said to keep taking my iron tablets. I also have a UTI (bladder infection) so I've come home with some antibiotics.

The nurse suggested I do something like blogging to share my experience of being a young person with chronic illness and living with a disability and I said I already had a blog and told her a little bit about it and why it's called 'Diary of a Zebra' and she thought that was great and so told me to keep it up and that what's prompted me to write this as I think it's nice to turn a negative (my seizures) into a positive post about how A&E has been as okay an experience as A&E trips go this year.

I feel grateful for my step-mum being there for me today and for going to the kitchen's to get me some soya milk for a cup of tea as the nurse said I was better to drink tea than coffee and I'm not too keen on black tea. (My step-mum works in the kitchens so she was able to nip in for me). Tea always makes things better and it should be on the NHS prescription. 

I'm home now and my step-mum cooked tea (dinner if you're not a UK northerner) and now I'm just finishing off this blog post and I'm going to get into my pj's watch something on TV and then head to bed.