Monday 7 January 2019

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

So I've come across this vlogger Jessica Kellgren-Fozard.

I first came across Jessica in a BBC 3 show called Britain's Missing Top model which was aired several years ago. This was a TV show where women with a variety of disabilities took part in different modelling challenges from pin-up photoshoots to TV adverts to catwalk shows.

Jessica has her own YouTube Channel which can be found here. When I started watching her videos I instantly fell in loved with her style and the ways she talks and presents the topic of her video. (We also share a love of Diet Coke)

Watching Jessica's videos has taught me a lot. They've helped me embrace my disabilities/chronic illness and accept that I live with a dysfunctional and often uncooperative mind and body. But also that even though she posts about her disabilities/chronic illnesses that there's more than just that in her life - her love of fashion, vintage things and her lovely wife and dogs, and it's made me look at what I love; putting my disabilities/chronic illnesses aside even though they're still there 24/7. And Jessica's video today where she films herself mid migraine and in pain she's taught me that I don't need to be wearing makeup and a smile, or even day clothes when I make my YouTube videos and grow my channel, so I'm going to go ahead and try and make more videos even if I'm still in my pjs or not wearing makeup or when I'm having a bad symptom day.


Jessica has also shown the possibilities of life with a disability/chronic illness. That I can still do things, but maybe in a different way, or maybe with a bit of humour. 

She also fights for the equality and impact society has on people with disabilities/chronic illnesses - especially the straw ban! And she does it with style and humour which I love.

I'd really recommend checking out her YouTube channel.
It's easy watching, especially if you're too brain fogged to watch the TV. There's videos on all sorts of things including disability topics, quakerism, videos with her wife, lookbooks, BSL signs  (Jessica herself is deaf) and even some Low FODMAP recipes!

On this post is a snapshot of some of my favourite videos and a selection of topics she makes videos about.