Tuesday 15 January 2019

Health update

So, I haven't done one of these before but I thought I'd give up a bit of an update.
The past few months my health has gone downhill but I'm seeing my neurologist on the 22nd and I've managed to bring forward my rheumatology appointment. (Both are in London so it will be exhausting but I'm seeing some really good specialists).
More recently I've not been my "usual" self. Christmas really knocked it out of me. Despite trying to pace myself and delegate my energy and sit out of certain things and focus on the positives like seeing family and playing lots of games. I think it might just have been the general busyness and having to do more than I normally do.
This month I'm back to eating some wheat/gluten each day for my coeliac test which is making me feel rubbish and majorly flaring up my  gastro pain and other symptoms. 
On top of that I've had a viral infection for the past 10 or so days; (with M.E. you usually have ongoing flu-like symptoms) so I've been sipping Lemsip's and some herbal tea for colds and flu I picked up at Orchard Barn (which actually helps) - I keep meaning to getting round to writing a blog/vlog about Orchard Barn and Integrative Medicine so look out for that. 
And then this past weekend I've had a really bad migraine; Saturday I was just laid in bed in the dark with my noise cancelling headphones on listening to an audiobook on the lowest possible volume.
Then yesterday I had a prolonged seizure episode and had my first trip to A&E of the year.
So all-in-all it's been a pretty rubbish time, but I'm trying to stay positives as difficult as that can be and stick to my word 'hope' for 2019.