Saturday 17 February 2018

Recovering - 17.02.2018

I've had an okay day today; nothing special.

I'm currently recovering from a seizure when this quote popped up on on my Instagram.

Sometimes I feel completely defeated by my illness. I get sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

I'm feeling much better than I did 3 hours ago.

It was just a normal evening. We have family over and we was haiving a film night when I started having clusters of myoclonic seizures and I felt my aura come on. Dad got me upstairs but I didn't;t quite make it to my bed. Instead my brain decided the landing would be a good place to have a seizure instead. For half-an-hour I swung between tonic-clonic seizures and unconscious full body myoclonic spasms. Dad kept getting me to squeeze my finger to check how conscious I was. Even I came round still spasming and Dad got me my medication, administering it to me. I'd lost all use of my muscles so Dad scooped me up and carried me to my bed. He pick on Chicago Fire to keep me company and as a distraction and kept popping in to check on me. He's just come to give me my night time meds and I felt the need to write a blog post. My muscles are still weak and I'm still a bit brain fogged so typing this is a little frustrating but "At the end of the day we can endure more than we think we can." - Frida Kahlo

For now I must be patient, let my body recover and rest.