Tuesday 13 February 2018

An okay Day

Yesterday when I got home from my appointment with my GP I treated myself to some new sparkly Dr. Martens - they're an ombré effect of differs colours . I'd been waiting some sparkly Dr. Martens for a while and I wasn't in need of a pick-me-up so it seemed a good tie to treat myself and I rarely do that. Plus it was only £1 for next day delivery so the arrived today and I LOVE them!

This afternoon Dad and I also got out the house for a bit which was nice. I had to drop a water sample off at the GP to test for an infection as i've been having a bit of suspected kidney pain. We then went to get my bus pass renewed so I can try out my anxiety levels with using Phone 'n' Ride to get me home from the TC to try and save me a bit of money. We then went to Next to return some jeans and I ordered another pair to arrive tomorrow. Finger crossed the'll be what I'm after as I've been wanting some grey jeans for ages and I've just had a string of bad luck trying to attain a pair recently.

We then came home and I did some jobs and then it was pancake time (it's Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday today by the way and the video is of my crazy Dad making them)!

Then in the evening I went to the second of eight season of a programme called Keys to Freedom (run by Mercy Ministries UK) which my church is running and wore my sparkly docs.

So a bit mundane but it was nice to get out the house for someone that rarely leaves the house for something that's not medical and it was nice for my new docs to arrive too.