Wednesday 21 February 2018

Pamper Afternoon

After checking out the local college's salon getting my eyebrows waxed a few weeks back my carer who was with me suggested I should book myself in for a little pampering session.

So with the help of my fabulous carer today I’ve made it out to the salon to get my make up done, have a conditioning hair treatment and get it curled and braided all for £8.70 and I really enjoyed myself, especially the hair part and I'd definitely be booking in again!

I'm now utterly exhausted now and need a nap but at least I’ll look like sleeping beauty. I feel much more sparkly after treatment myself. Just goes to show how a little papering and self-care can go a long way to help you feel a bit brighter again after a tough few days of seizures and other bits a pieces going on.

The finished result