Cards for M.E.

Hi I'm Naomi. Last Christmas (2022) I raised money for Action for M.E. by selling handmade Christmas cards and I managed to raise £76 for the charity. After a lot of thought, contacting, planning and working out the logistics I decided to continue selling my handmade cards as a project for 2023 and raise money for two M.E. charities

The reason why I'm raising money for M.E. is because I have severe M.E. myself. M.E. is a devastating and life-altering illness, even in it's mildest form. You can find out more about M.E here

I wanted to fundraise for M.E. because I know that M.E. is largely overlooked, not well known about and is very under underfunded.

 and both the charities I am fundraising for I have had personal contact with. I also 

Both charities are quite different. I'm continuing to support Action for M.E. and I'm also going to be supporting the work of Smile for M.E. Both charities I have had personal contact with in different ways,

Back in 2021 I received a 'Smile' from Smile for M.E. and I'm also going to write an article for them. With Action for M.E. I've done some awareness work on their YouTube channel and in their magazine,

The two charities

Smile for M.E. is a small UK charity with 4 trustees. The charity was founded in 2012 and it supports people of all ages with M.E. and caregivers to those with M.E. They give out monthly ‘Smile Parcels’ as well as holding special events for Carers Week and special parcels given out in memory of Merryn Crofts. At the charity they say “we know just how lonely and isolating M.E can be so we aim to help those affected by sending personalised presents.” The charity as aim to spread and help raise awareness and understanding of M.E.

Registered charity number: 1185760

Action for M.E. is a UK charity that takes action to raise awareness of M.E. (Myalgic Encepalomyelitis) and tackle the ignorance, injustice and neglect faced by those with this illness. This is the only UK charity to support people of all ages. Alongside providing targeted information, support to healthcare services, and advocacy to people with M.E of all ages Action for closely with professionals and policymakers to improve access to appropriate care and support for people with M.E. The charity also collaborates with scientists, and clinicians to move research forwards.

Registered charity number: 1036419