Monday 1 July 2024

It’s time to celebrate

When the clock stuck midnight it marked the start of July, for the disabled community this marks our Disability Pride month. 

A month to celebrate our disabled identity but unlike other pride months there won’t be merchandise, companies won’t change their logo to our flag - they probably don’t even know what our flag looks like. There won’t be any huge carnivals or parades in the streets with everyone disabled or able bodied joining in to celebrating disabled identity and achievements for disabled people. 

Even in the most privileged countries disabled people will still be struggling for equality, their rights, equality, dignity and equity. 

Posts on Disability Pride this month will probably only reach our own community the algorithms probably don’t think our posts worth a share to the world to boost our celebration or even an explanation as to why we even have a Disability Pride Month. 

I know this post won’t go far but at least you now know it’s the disabled communities time to celebrate this month.